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Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
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Which is your top 100 jim kim video vote for end-poverty tedx wcg..Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc2030nowjimkim.doc, where world demands women manage poverty why not development? Sources for millennials Happy 2015 dialogues of pih on 1 Ebola 2 how to leverage technology to radically engage patients on health care; UN is 2015 year of all change to sustainability goals... support

Tuesday, December 31, 2030

welcome to

FUTURE HISTORY UNLOCKED - but who's will it be:  little sisters OR big brothers?
some people would ban the last chapter of keynes general theory of systems - it explains how few people ever determined what future is exponentially locked in for youth of every place

- and it questions whether a majority of that few will design systems spiraling around 2 convergent goals of human sustainability : end poverty ,
empower improvement of youth livelihoods out of every community priortising historic underclasses (girls being the biggest demograpphic the 20th centiry's system designers and media abused)

of course the reason why keynes is so controversial during the first 1461 days of GlobalTrump is: we have raced into the the first time technology enables man to design systems competing with mother nature it will be curtains for all of our childrens children unless....
this is what we will try to search out with maps at ===

 if this mission interests you, we sure could do with some patient help isabella@unacknowledgedgiant,com 1 2 3

if we map back industrial revolution 4 with love, we can stop making excuses for grey rhinos of expeonential valuatiion incompetence- it would be a pity if our species went the way of the dod because of the world's biggest maths mistake


Sustainability Goals World Record Jobs Creators
Game of Fives – Youth to be fully employed as the sustainability generation IF whole world acted on Fives’ teachings

5 Five to start  : Xi Jinping A Guterres Sir Fazle Abed Jack Ma Pope Francis   - once shared knowhow maps of 1-5, if your culture needs substitute AI teacher who?
1 What do their teachings include and who are alumni to link actions through? How APP communityTECH webs to missingSDG17 curricula and lifelong learning?
2 What sorts of new world maps (footnote example) can be celebrated relating to infrastructures of trade, ecology and trust flows?
3 What connects the urgent deadlines and summits etc  how can valuing locational actions and investment trust be mediated between global2.0 leaders and borderless youth?
4 Who naturally (bottom-up and openly)  integrates  each community rising to unite whole worlds of goodwill-branded markets ; eg of economists and educators – under 30s, teachers, parents, communities, public servants, professions…?

rehearsal feb 2018 ( isabella's 21st birthday dreams)

Dear Peter & Mary: What i believe is most important given your roles is we see if there is an urgent multiplier between you two ;here is marys delegates-shared bio from the wise education summit; i met her  in qatar in november - her knowledge of who's who amongst chinese and healthy world leading educators - both real saints and AI wizards - is hard to emulate

peter do you have something equivalent to share? I met peter during korea hosting of aiib2017 where president moon jae-in made a big impression on me as did the top 2 people at AIIB and my dads old commuter friend Lord Stern at LSA - peter audits this new development bank out of dc and shanghai and PWC
Dr. Mary Young

Mary E. Young, MD, DrPH, is a pediatrician and specialist in global health and child development with broad experience in both developed and developing countries. For the past three decades, she worked at the World Bank, guiding efforts in international public health and child health and development. Currently, she is Director of Center for Child Development at the China Development Research Foundation, Senior Advisor to Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, and Technical Advisor to Brazil's Criança Feliz Program. During her tenure at the World Bank, she led global efforts to inform world leaders and policymakers about Early Childhood Development (ECD). Her experience spans the globe—from China, to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, to the Middle East and North Africa, and to Latin America and the Caribbean. Dr. Young’s recent publications and edited works include: The Role of the Health Sector in Promoting Well-being in Early Childhood (2017) in The SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Policy. Converting the science of early human development into action: closing the gap between what we know and what we do. (2015) in The SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Research; Addressing and Mitigating Vulnerability across the Life Cycle: The Case for Investing in Early Childhood. (2014), for the UNDP Human Development Report; The Role of the Health Sector in Early Childhood Development (2013) in the Handbook of Early Childhood Development: Translating Research to Global Policy; From Early Child Development to Human Development (2001); (published also in Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabic), and Early Child Development—From Measurement to Action: A Priority for Growth and Equity (2007) (also available in Portuguese and on CD-Rom); Lancet series on ECD (2007). And, she has published numerous articles on the Chinese health care system, focusing on child health and maternal health.

alll the best
chris macrae 240 316 8157

a wonky map 
- draw a straight ( railine) between bejing, XI'an chengdu and southern coast - hits cox's bazaar; in 2007 nobel peace laureate yunus argued superport there would open china india bangladesh myanmar asean corridor ; dad who had been teenage navigator in world war 2 in burma campaign seconded yunus view; at the time the head of JICA in washington also concurred

part 2 draw a straight line between chengdu and Gwadar and you almost go through New Delhi ....  with aiib investments cross straits of gwadar to oman djibouti suez med sea golden era sino-uk silk roadM3  ... qed

dear friends as some of you may know japan was the kindest referee of my grandfather norman macrae work - awarding him the emperors order of rising sun with gold bars for helping japan and prince charles develop a win-win model of world trade - so 55 years on the following update may be timely to friends of my dad or family or those who see china's sustainability dreams being wothy of all youth

(dear lee/ future capitalism) when dad first met hiro and his brother atsu in tokyo the health school of tokyo university was a free university -bhim if he is still online will recall - in fact he was learning from japan how to serve health in nepal which became urgent with the earthquake and which became an opportunity to connect with brac  (moreover the yokoi had a partnership with toyota foundations through the middle east - the abdul latifee network of free colleges)

 a free university is one whose culture (and dean) is let the brightest disadvantaged students join in for free and redesign  (ideally open space, and mooc) practical servant leadership courses best of all if they can ihub big data small tech wizards; because they have already been brought up in poorest situations they know what apps to code and what systems need changing (they have deep trust relationships with the very poorest communities) and they become the alumni network for the best next generation of public servants; better yet is if girl storytellers MEDIATE all of this according to sir fazle abeds 45 year learning curve and the reason why he wanted to meet amy

ironically tsinghua was relaunched in about 1986 with xi jinping the first year of free student alumni-  during the first 10 years of non state corporations, you had to be part of the billionaire diaspora to get a corporate licence in china; now the plan was to train a subnetwork of the CPC to turn state utilities or supercities into pro-youth capitalism networks-
THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF XI JINPING (refenrnec xi jinping book - out of poverty and speech for CPC19)

 over the next 22 years after graduating from tsinghua xi became the most connecled alumni of all this, and the rest is what future we can connect by valuing xi's learning curve as number 1 in world record jobs creation- firtunately after last week of china welcoming aunty may english and chinese translations of free university curricula can now connect youth's goodwill like there is no tomorrow

- this is why amys friendship with tsinghua graduates is absolutely critical to anyone who ever visits beijing- especially as china is due to launch 5 million starups in 2018 and their social (sustainability goals education) value is all tested in the few square miles of hubs around tsinghua university (100 times more connectedly than even mit has ever networked)

mostofa and i and a few wayward london hubs started studying the south african version of this  taddy blechers maharishi in 2006- it had been colaunched by mandela in 1999, and african free U are being upscaled this year by the president of ghana and kagame in his role as head of african union and by the un eminent 15 which ghana and norway co-chair it turns out that everything xi jinping summits next    with wise education partners, 100 national delegations of new banking and community for all olypics let alone hi tech wizards - with belt raoad needs a free universiy in each supercity - and right now tokyo seoul beijing dhaka and on india city are absolutely critical to the next 30 months

in 2012 at a rememberance roundtable of my father sir fazle abed and the japan embassy in dhaka discussed this so i hope that when i go to dhaka in 2 weeks brac university will agree to launch a new global affairs class of 2018-2019 ; we need that curriculum to be part of what tokyo empower the youth 20 of the g20 to study in the same way that jack ma got the youth 20 to study big data small technolgy before the china g20; then we can prepare for the alibaba tokyo olympics uniting both koreas china india japan bangaldesh myanmar vatican ...

lee can you find out if the yokois are still interested in this through people at tokyo university (if so lets go meet hiro in chicago , pitsburgh or wherever the two of you choose) if not who else can we find in tokyo university- timelines in this are very urgent - we already have africa free university summit in ghana in may and what africa learns will come to the un in september while girl movements out of bangladesh and around first ladies of refugee nations converge their knowhow

for amy not to have any links to this while she sits in columbia university will be the most expensive student tragedy of all time; in fact the new global affairs curricula of sustainable youth is the only one of its kind worth any girl empowerment student spending time on- otherwise tokyo korea china india bangladesh myanmar will all fall apart and president trump - nukes' big brothers - will rule for the rest of our lifetimes


there is a lot more - from last week now we know that the whole royal family need to be part of this story as britain and china beceome worldwide youths linguisitic friends, the dragon of empire is finnaly slayed by good saint james and the disastrous bubble of the EU is popped by macron in march 2019 and xi jinping in may 2019 and tokyo g20 july 2019

Wednesday, February 20, 2030

2018 world's biggest missed bri opportunities

in all probabililty usa could be 40% larger as an economy coming mostly from communities most depressed with even one half as smart railway and port system as china's but apart from this most dismally mediated country of all - where are the big opportunities

probably the biggest end poverty opportunity right now is cox's bazaar bangladesh close to border with myanmar

all 4 of china india bangladesh and myanmar could win-win with bangladesh and myanmar most and in many ways china least- and this is the problem because whilst china would love to celebrate and do this with the other countries, the last thing its wants at the moment is to get into a political situation
in 2018 china is desperate to prove the BRI offers win-win projects with india- how can we expedite these so then everyone comes back to cox's bazaar as a no brainer? - see also aiibnews

Monday, November 30, 2020

33 years of research indicates that over 70% of what 11 year olds up need most need to learn to do the 3 billion new jobs of the first sustainability generation is not being taught, and its not clear that wise curricula even exist -

by now all parents and communities should be able to see online what high schools are teaching - to have spent 1000 times more on communications tech than 1946 and not to have valued this freedom is a shocking failure of the elite organisations that are supposed to unite nations and make sure youth are empowered to work on sustainability goals

The good news is that the new leader of the United Nations has called for the mother of all learning summits at the UN General Assembly sept 2018 - it will be interesting to see if the UN's neighbor New York can also become a number 1 capital of jobs-education for worldwide youth not just the financial capital that subprimed the world nor the ad agency capital that divorced sustainability truth from 99% of its communications (if you have ever trained to work in the westren's world's largest ad agencies you will know that every trick in the psychiatrists book is used to addict people -and you can search how many markets have nothing much also with freedom of speech and everything to do with which vested interest from drugs and gun-power down has the largest budget)

Let us review here - what are some other simple patterns rules of peacemaking we could be sharing before kids have to deal with the self-challenging trials of adolescence and skills acquisition in a borderless world  - we dont claim expertise other than having surveyed hundreds of citizens groups of over 50 nationalities and exploring future history of cultures as well as purposeful behavioral values

1 it seems that wherever peoples have enough well paid work to do good trades peace blossoms provided no aggressor comes to ruin peoples happiness

1.1 seems that accidentally a mercantile era that started around 1500 and needed eg slavery to crew global shipping voyages and arms to dictate trade was not a system that could ever grow peace; and ironically even while the steam engine was the greatest working revolution , the pursuit of carbon by the biggest industrial places to get ever bigger led to wars and ensured that those who were not part of the big reaches became ever poorer; it seems logical to change every macroeconomic system of big rules-analysis big by big data small (mathematically einstein has proved this applies to all man does in the name of science - and those who facilitate spirit value self-organising and the joy of openness in every kind of community design as well as interpersonal behavior)

1.1a that human sustainability needed a post-carbon and post-colonial  revolution was a lesson whose peak folly could have been understood from world war 1 - except another mistake was made- if you do defeat a mass of peoples in a war it is extremely unsafe to take away their lands and their chances to start life again;  one would hope that had been learnt by the end of world war 2 - and to some extent the way the winners of world wa r2 designed futures for the peoples of w germany and japan was peaceful; better yet japan turned from being the bad empire of its hemisphere to the number 1 win-win economy of the 3rd quarter of a century and big winners included the regions superports (eg hing kong taiwan singapore) operated mainly by china diaspora - by the time china's mainland people wanted to come out from behind the great wall, the diaspora were the 3rd richest network on earth and they were not likely to invest in a billion people forgeting how win-win trade can build peace; we believe there is every hope that china as the centre of gravity for all sustainable youth of the 21st C is ready to live up to that trust and that belt road mapping is the greatest peaceful trading game ever open sourced; moreover every part of the world can simultaneously add in its own cultural jigsaw pieces and priorities if we let the un's 17 goals guide what market sectors we build and what knowhow we free millennilan teens to practice; happily girls lift up half the sky have become cultures linking all successful eastern races to end poverty

2.1 moreover our friends over in india at the world's largest school city montessori have developed 3 generations of experience on how a child enters adolescence with confidence in other cultures (or if they dont how hard it will ever be to regain such advanced view of not just emotional intelligence but what jack ma calls loveq the quotient of love

2.2 our friend harrison owen has shown how communities of up to 5000 people can brainstorm live to resolve any conflict challenge including the practice of peace; additionally open space's practice of team work and mass collaboration are brilliant fits with what the adolescent brain is designed to do; any school with teenagers whose teachers dont practice open space with their children is a disaster area of the sort our highly interconnected 21st C simply cannot afford. The problem is most of the richest places in the west seem to have let politicians create exactly the opposite of open space education. All of this will hopefully be reviewed when leaders from all nations experience the mother of all learning summits WISE@UNGA sept 2018
we welcome news  from wherever peoples are prepping contributions to WISE@UNGA - some example conversations follow

michael & dad's friends in Dc or of -this month -do you have half an hour either at georgetown or i could drive over to your home base?
would like to map all the intersections across sustainable youth's worlds' 11 main trading routes that georgetown and curative marketing could be concerned with and see which interest you Beyond Branding to Curative Marketing

a common survey challenge is emerging can we schedule connections between 7 wondrous summit series that put youth in orbit as the sustainability generation by 2025? That would be in line with fathers 1984 fieldbook "2025 report" on could we design technology, education and green to value the opposite of big brother endgame, how do we  (curative marketers) make sure education not just "PR" links those with the power to make global decision making with community and youth livelihoods. Jack in NZ and Ian in London have been part of beyond branding since dad retired in 1988 - we gave the scoop of the year of brand-trust valuation to Micklethwaite who later became editor but he didnt understand the east and dads 2 main eastern correspondents died in sporting accidents. 

whats weird is every chinese person i respect knows summits are a critical agenda and has all sorts of details and alumni networks to share - finding who wants to be corresponding coordinators in west isnt easy- it turns out that the UN's new head guterres gets this question but has many jobs to do! so he's left the mother of all learning summits to the first women of refugee education - WISE@UNGA NY sept 2018

however when amy and I met MB last week who has moved from 25 years of editing philanthropy at The Economist to being number 2 practitioner at rockefeller (to the Raj , he previously of ObamaID) he did recognise the summit question - hence i am trying to get youth to co-blog - Brett in Thailand is the only known to me member of family tree of The Economist's founder James Wilson in 1843 who died before hist time in 1860 trying to fix 2018's main challenge reborn as can china and india partner in developing a world one third of all humans wish most urgently to sustain. Sir Danny A is the new james wilson and jinping's family the new queen victoria and prince albert though their locations and communications tech are better suited today than poor JW could ever dream of. For example 50000 youth at tsinghua university and he 10000 startups a week coordinated out of the entrepreneurial suburb that begins at tsinghua gate are quite a human resource to friend the sustainability generation with and 80 million public servants of cpc19 is quite a tricky brand architecture to charter ( special thanks to english speaking auditor and treasurer of jinpings new worldwide bank for the poor ahead of aiib2018 in mumbai june). Fortunately china has 50 thinktanks (distributing sustainability's moon race for mother earth instead of one 1960's NASA) and at least 4 of the culturally most sensitive mediators ever to have performed broadcast tv anchoring in the english language 

another good thing is that one of jinping's main summits (namely worldwide partnerships in new development banking) is audited by a guy who lives in this region even though the PWC office is in shanghai

also one of the educators who connects headstart schooling with artificial intelligence in all china's thinktanks also commutes through DC, and the hq of the special olympics is in DC

and as i may have mentioned the main education summit hub for the un out of qatar also has a college partnership with georgetown

and at the moment it feels like the french (with a little help from Prodi in Bologna) are the only people in the european union doing anything relevant to the origin of the eu brand which my dad documented as the only journalist at messina 1955- so good that french embassy is walking distance from georgetown

 Michael (question to any of dad's friends of sustaining youth) if we could find one starting place that mattered to you - eg eastern europe and the med sea are absolutely critical to belt road mapmakers if western europe isnt to become one of the least sustainable blocks on the planet

amy has been mentored by my "neighbor" harrison to bridge how china and the west host 5000 people community brainstorming sessions; when harrison first took this invention to universities in 1984 he was told you may be right but then 95% of what and how we teach would be wrong - so dont come back; the same reaction to every aspect of dads and my fathers work to what are we doing with media has happened over and over though I understand this may be because... 

...unlike harrison i have little facilitation ability except where as a mathematician i am free to do big data small analysis and then show budget holders a truly different purpose than one their brand has ever seen before- right now the purpose of blockchain is reckoned by people like don tapscot and all canadians to be probably the americas last chance to web little sister futures instead of trumpdoms-
 jayfus in balitimore is our resident tech genius who trains mainly black youth to do as much of our regions coding as he can; he is supported by the thurgood marshall communities which having spent a lot of time in atlanta i understand to have more practical impact (great public health leader and great friends including Pope Francis and Jim Kim and Rosa Parks lawyer) than the extended luther king family - this last remark is complicated both for black and white friends to mediate and if i offend by stating it please realise real community meetings 24/7 not just virtual correspondence are needed to go beyond the beltway mindset that somehow made the washington macroeconomics consensus the exact opposite of my fathers life work (let alone the scottish joy of nations dream of wilson and smith) and indeed the purpose of the economist's first 150 years as far as the ayes can see

and then again glasgow's -and women lift up half the sky's - most valuable alumni sir fazle abed's brac and bkash remain the most undervalued brand in the world because the west and nobel peacemakers (due to the didmal omission of education as a nobel pursuit) got too much in love with yunus storytelling and not enough willing to go study on the ground how the worlds poorest village women built the 8th most populous nation just across the indian border that never should have separated china and bangladesh from building a superport (javeed is america's correspondent on what should india teach its youth next- my grandad who worked 25 years around gandhi before writing up legalese of india's independence surely wouldnt have dreamed that border lawyers 70 years on could make such a mess) 

thank you chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157
PS last week at brookings the korea-japan dialogue discussed what if 30 millions peoples development in north korea  could be cured by investing in one superport instead of nuclear futures for all our children -actually president Moon Jae-in first proposed that in June when Korea hosted 80 national delegations at aiib2017 @ the island of JEJU- i guess if washington dc was always only 7 months behind what rest of the world values most that would start to be manageable and marketable?

Friday, January 17, 2020

this is where i think we who could happily see chinese girls change the world have reached --- doubtless i will be informed if we are mostly somewhere else

70% or more of what 11 years plus are taught all over the western designed examined classroom is irrelevant or consciously harmful to what youth neow need to learn to do if they are to work on sustainability livelihoods let alone the mass collaboration practices of peace and womens/child's safety

fortunately guterres, as a global2.0 partner of the confucian Xi Jinping.  at the UN has called for the mother of all learning summits on sept 2018 at the general assembly - this will be led by first ladies of refugee learning together with those they understand in the un's panel of 20 eminents; as of last week amy was still testing whether rockefeller is joining in too - while some people are interested in mapping which of 200 nations leaders change after experiencing this , people like me wonder if this isnt the last chance for the UN's neighbor to change education ie new york -
 it will be interesting to see if the UN's neighbor New York can also become a number 1 capital of jobs-education for worldwide youth not just the financial capital that subprimed the world nor the ad agency capital that divorced sustainability truth from 99% of its communications (if you have ever trained to work in the westren's world's largest ad agencies you will know that every trick in the psychiatrists book is used to addict people -and you can search how many markets have nothing much also with freedom of speech and everything to do with which vested interest from drugs and gun-power down has the largest budget)

while the 10000 alumni of education laureates swarming on the UNled by first ladies of refugee learning and girls empowerment education dont know that much about safely mashing up  the politics of peace other than its not been happening in the areas they are most concerned with I think there are two sorts of understanding that we can help celebrate from knowing open space and being guided round china's community loving families

good trade when it  (including arts as well as goods and big data small apps) involves every family's livelihood in a place can build peace

open space and what cultural self-confidence a child takes into teen age years is something that the empire-designed school was charged with destroying and which is one reason why we must take education out of the classroom the way jack ma begs us to do

(before new york english speaking lords and knights have been asked to compere a summit in mumbai - it turns out that if the pope walked back from myanmar to rome he could travel along countries british empire messed up and then quickly partitioned as world war 2 bankrupted the english; this same route is being massively invested in by china's belt road leaders but will india join in - thats probably the biggest positive geopolitical decision turning point in my lifetime -lets hope for once BRENTERS happens at the right time)

there's a bit more on peace's links to other missing curricula at edu and belt road mapping make it simpler for youth to thrive as sustainability generation 

thanks chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157 linkedin
World Record Job Creators who bridge Chinese-English Language Cultures Worldwide
Tim Berners Lee

Architect and music culture co-founders of c100 Yo Yo Ma , IM Pei
related quintet: Jack Ma's top 4 communities for all laureates at Maolympics

Harrison Owen

Henry Kissinger

Cheng Li