video- garan video-attenborough video-paul rose video
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4 : our goodHUBSguide awards for 2020 startupgrind and zoomuni- started in london 2005 year of make poverty history hubbers thank klaus schwab for extending a week long skiing for leadership hunt to 4 cities linking in humansai- san framcisco, tokyo, beijing, delhi- it was a pity that those who met at san francisco in 1945 chose one way to un just the atlantic belt roads not asia pacific beltroads too- after all two thirds of humans live on the asian continent and it was the british english mindset which trspun slavery and povery traps across the old world- born to a scottish veteran who served his last days as a teen i would exist without the kindness of americans stopping the old world from 2 global wars but that doesnt mean enough americans understood diversity of colred skinned original continents of asia or africa in 1945 -any un curriculum in american schools needed to connect california with maps of asia, west asia landbridge to africa not just the vanities of the western g6 representing less than 10% of people lives- these inequalities were an accident of how the first 18 decades of humans and machines spread- if only what glasgow u's watt and smith started up in 1760s had spread as efficiently as nature's virus- this is a terminal reminder that man's globalisation is broken wherever it fails exinction-testing rules of bottom-up and open not trumpian top down and bordered
- special china thanks: BRI Belt Road IQ -need custom guide rsvp normanmacrae foundation, DC-text 240 316 8157
Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
1:08 #2030now 3.19
0:39 0.31 1:40 1:02 1.21 jk search 1........ co
Which is your top 100 jim kim video vote for end-poverty tedx wcg..Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc2030nowjimkim.doc, where world demands women manage poverty why not development? Sources for millennials Happy 2015 dialogues of pih on 1 Ebola 2 how to leverage technology to radically engage patients on health care; UN is 2015 year of all change to sustainability goals... support
Even as the 1960s moon race inspired the world, we need to understand how unequal the opporttunity to innovate had been - even in the 1960s as many as half the world's people had no access to electricity grids so they got their news of the moon race by word of mouth.

Consider 1000-1500- until the last few years of this period , the known world was Europe-Asia and NE Africa; #BR8 the med sea was the main world trade waterway; places facing this sea increasingly developed win-win trades; moreover #BR7 the west asian border to med sea was the start of an amazing overland relay of traders which stretched all the way to china (the silk road was the greatest overland world trade route ever and to sustain its interfacing markets required positive cross-cultural bridging all along its route. Silks and spices from the Chinese end acted like a positive currency- there was much demand for them whose value naturally went up the further they were merchanted back to Europe. Everyone gained for this trading route- you can read marco polo's diaries- perhaps nowhere invested more in artistic celebrations of being a major hub of positive trade than his hometown venice in europe and the town he was asked to govern for 2 years in china Hangzhou which marco described as the great town of markets in the world.)

What happened towards 1500 that 2 long shipping routes were discovered by north europeans- the new world of the ameriucas to the west (#BR6 N, #BR10 what we now call Latin America), and a way of reaching the @BR2 South Asian coastal Belt (starting with the indian subcontinent) by sailing around africa. A ship captain couldnt affird such a long return voyage unless he goit what trade he wanted- soon this big ships were equipped with gun power and crews were pressganged or even enslaved. Next in the process was colonising. So it was that nations became big by pludering economies of other peoples places. Back in 1500 places economic size was corelated with population. Soon Britain grew at the expense particularly of the Indian subcontiuent. Mainly Britain and France colonised Africa too, Spain andPotrtugal colonised Latin America. North America was settled by a mixyure of Europeans whose declaration of Indendence in 1776 ended any attempt by Britain to colonise America, But we should note that the USA was built on a sort of internal colonisation - natives had theor places taken over and slaves were used to do most of the hard labour. In effect the old war's colonial ways casued the 2 world wars of the fkirst half of the 20th C. From 1946 most of the world's countries regained their independence but starting from (mainly undeveloped states - poverty that the colonia era had gtraped them in).

Ironically whule the UDA came to tghe resuce of the old workld and from 1946 helped relaunch the two biggest losers of world war 2 Germsny and Japan, american (not withstandiong thair family trees origins) had previously had little modern of knowledge of Eurasia but were pulled into peacekeeping and the cold war with russia through the sceond half of the 20th C. Whilst there was some understanding of the extraoerdinary progress japanese enginers made with electornics, civil and other enginnering, the rise and rise of the east and the often difficult bodrers that had been caused by British and Jpoanese colonisation of the region are not deeply studied by most Americans or their media. It should be the best news the world has ever seen that the fifth of the world in chjna tghat closed itself to the world for more than a centiry after Brfits has offered opium as a gtrading currency in 1860 is now as entrepreneurial as anywhere. With over half of tghe world's ;people facikng either the sout asia or east asia coastal belts, the opportunity the east is cfreating to win0pwin gtrade oin line with moore's ever increasing technology should make sustainable youth worlwdie the gfreatesty positive curency-invetsment the human race has ever mapped. But this is not how USA or the block of coungtriues ruled by the Euro have marketed transapfrently. Instead we are caught in the Keynsian crisis of economist not valuing the hippocratic oathes he had published as tghe final chapter of the ngeneral throy of employment money and interest. The 2020s are likely to make the system designs our tech spreads irreversible- will the end game be big brother extinction or little sister sustainability?

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

may goodwill rise again out of washington


happy new

  hoping that us new president admin biden/harris will lead world to understanding that education not economists builds nations across generations

4 years ago we started a 4 year diary out of dc- we hoped so much the world would unite around youth as first sustainability generation - let's try again starting 1/20/2021 - as a scot glasgow only gets a once in a generation opportunity to stage an education event like cop26 - so this article will be biased in terms of 2021 calendar uniting youth's futures on the road and after as well as at cop26 where glasgow uni union hosts social all world youth day saturday 6 november - can you linkin UNWOMENS - currently washington DC

ASTRA.CITY - first news come from india, and asia where two thirds of our species is mapping how to lead forward from covid and towards sdg orbits hoping that us new president admin biden/harris will lead world to understanding that education not economists builds nations across generations - great to see india first to come up to pitch of next 1461 days - 14th annual summit updates nearly 100 year action learning curve of gandhi/montessori- education is how children can save world and community love builds nations

Monday, January 11, 2021

dc's lawyers put up with 1450 days of slavery by trump mindset only to...

 peoples voices 1/11/21 - the trillion dollar goodwill meltdown- dc the nastiest rich city the world has ever breaehed with since berlin and moscow of 1930s

well last week was simply not good enough -the state of the nation has been pied pipered to its knees making the subprime debacle 2000s look like a decade of good cheer- and those who squabble in the capitol tangoed with the evil that resided in the white house caring not a fig for ordinary americans- the peoples needed armies distributing the vaccine not protecting supremely arrogant men from playing media games with peoples lives

 this blog started the day trump came to power- it has traceed 99% of people out of dc behaving badly- they cant just turn round and say trump lost his brain in the last 14 days- every single lawyer, politicisan, media hack should confess the part they played before 2021/01/21 - so those who love all americans lives matter and purposeful businesses as the only way to scale human development move forward as one not hate-filled opponents - serving the people should be a united endeavour

Thursday, December 31, 2020

what good/bad news will december bring - 1461 enters last 51-20 days


 happy 2021 to we the people of mother earth

womenyouthsports beyond redskins and livesmatter.cityinvite coalitions to extend days of trump rule of great america to 345 days of including kobe.mbaand road to cop26 glasgow nov 2021 and happy 2022- lets end covid and all who profiteered from rotting humansai - transparency needs to shine now on deep data of politics, health, bank, edu, or there will be no species let alone peace to abusively congress
To understand why Mr Trump's 1461 day presidency to end of 2020 was likely to be english-mindset's most dangerous of times, whomever nbc apprenticeship elected to rule the wavelengths, and journalistsforhumanity invite you to co-edit a 7 minute read on a short history of world trade in millennium 2 - see far right column. In Moore's laws maths -this period's exponential rise breaches singularity - for first one computer chip has more switching/analytic capacity than the human brain's cells-- The Games

Monday, October 5, 2020

 october 5 update on mr trumps condition from

- those who have traced mr trump's condition through 1461 days of his administration of the planet know that donald is his worst enemy - to himself, americans, the 96% of humans who share the planet with america- when donald gets into denial about something.:: until a few days ago it was believable, that :

  1. he could claim vote for me and know i will go around the world fixing things for another 4 years with hundreds of times more energy than any other 70 something american. now thats all gone ... i'll play the wild rover nay never no moreNo alt text provided for this image

we spent weekend tracing 100 people most trused to humanise ai- its an iterative round the world exploration - we welcome zooming with you if thats a commons interest - here's a sample of weekend tracking

No alt text provided for this image

tv2 before october 2's breaking news as summarised by the happiest news from the 75 year learning curve of united nations - tech's 4 or more post industrial revolutions accelerating 60 year learning curve since the 1960s shows new engineers have mattered moore than old lawyers for any place where all peoples lives matter- be that the top or the bottom person in the place= the force of nature waves worldwide stronger than the force of man and engines- americans like deming and borlaug discovered this; as reported at the economist of 1962: japan was the first country to decide this would matter to the two thirds of humans who are asians- quite why the west did not value new engineering requires rewinding how historians and educators inform next generations without political fear or favor- my guess is: if kennedy had not been assassinated he would have trusted youth to earth races after the successful moon race starting with america's own need to love all skin colors but maybe my celtic optimism is biassing that

whats clear from unga75 -if we value 60 action learning networks of engineering resilient communities - start at alumni of poveryuni connectors here; or join the un and geneva's urgent mediation of AI artificial intel - one guide starts below - itU invites every child of the 21st C and every teacher to explore how the first 4 school years since 2015-6 as year 0 of the sdg generation have blossomed around the faculty of #aiforgood moderated by the association of owners and billionnaires of 5g infrastructures and clouds of data

tv3 something changed in the 2010s: the deep data all societies needed to be sustainable converged in borderless ways:

can you see the top 20 universal devices only one of which is the smart phone ?

the universality of smart mobile phones was only one of 20 devices with the latent brainpower of a human and the planet-deep connectivity of nature herself all this beamed up to clouds which became real time operational platforms impacting to be or not to be

- what this change needs to mean? youth leaving school between 2015 and 2030 need to share diversity's access to new engineers if the human race is to survive -zoom me up scottie- science fiction no longer exists - any specific goal that can be imagined - for better or worse - is now possible

-all old people need is enough love of the younger half of the world to you assign graduates the goal and empower evolutionary fit societal devices to analyse true societal data ahead of time- we invite you to linkin 13 month countdown to the 260th annual review of humans machine- glasgowuni cop26 - will you zoom with us back from the future of the sdgs and #aiforgood

No alt text provided for this image


library 1 aiforgood innovation factory -maps between geneva and rest of world -ai:linux & ibm &...

No alt text provided for this image

please see footnote for longer list

startup projects

gooduk1 Founder and CEO Mikela Druckman, presented UK tech startup Grey Parrot, which offers a computer vision for waste management – targeting customers in the waste management industry.

goodus1- Davar Ardalan -Executive Producer of Audio @NatGeo-, IVOW AI its product CultureGraph, an Enterprise API Platform that enhances consumer engagement through the lens of culture.

goodlatinam1 Founder Javier Cardona, presented the Latin-American tech startup 1DOC3 which provides easy access to doctors in the Spanish-speaking world.

goodkorea1 Co-founder and CSO Kevin Lee, presented EQ4ALL. Supported by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, the tech startup has a mission to bring the deaf to have equal accessibility to information, education and communication.

goodgermany1 Founder Markus Pohl, presented Child Growth Monitor, a mobile app, released early because of COVID-19, that measures and diagnoses children for malnutrition.


Each project presentation was followed by a Q&A, which gave the opportunity for the tech startup entrepreneurs to receive advice and feedback from the mentors.

mv1 Stephen Ibaraki, Co-Chairman of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Practitioner Board.

mv2 Vera Futorjanski, Speaker, Advisor, Digital Platforms and Ecosystems Expert,

mv3 Neil Sahota, Worldwide Business Development Leader at IBM Watson and author of the book “AI Revolution,”

mv4 Zhi Zhen Qin, Senior Technical Officer at the United Nations Office for Project Services, Qin highlights the usefulness of real-time data tracking. “We see countries adapting their national strategy with data that they are updating every day,” she says.The power of AI has a role to play in predicting the prognosis of COVID-19 and to detect other infectious diseases — not to mention, chest X-rays and CT scans from hospitals around the world, said Qin.“Big data has been a tremendous help to public health – there is a lot of big data analysis,” says Qin, adding that without big data it is not possible to model disease activity, predict potential growth, perform strategic analyses, or measure population impact.Qin is sure that the healthcare industry will see big changes in the future, not just for COVID-19, but also for other diseases and healthcare in general. The healthcare industry, she says, “has been compelled to adopt digital technology.” update sept2020 unga75 see xprize and itu slack -pitching how ai can mitigate pandemics

mv5 Sasha Cahill, Advisor at IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Accelerator.Cahill shared insights specific to technology for healthcare.“In the United States, physician time is limited to 10-15 mins per patient. If the technology is too complex to use, then both physician and patient will be frustrated,” says Cahill. “How can we as entrepreneurs create new delivery models which can be monetized?”“Patients are concerned,” she says, “and they will likely want care in a place where they are most comfortable – and that is going to be their home setting.”I want to challenge entrepreneurs to think about those impacts, and how we can think about models that are scalable,” said Cahill.


here are some of first 250 leaders of #aiforgood coalition

PETER H. DIAMANDIS Founder and Executive Chairman at XPRIZE, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at Singularity University XPRIZE Foundation twitter linkedin - current xprize include covid testing

YOSHUA BENGIO Founder: Mila - Quebec AI Institute linkedin AIcommons -partners include itu mit camera culture xprize ocean-singapore hec elementai - canada uk korea singapore --- radiant earth swissnex aivatican chai@berkeley futuresociety-humanai IEEE AICROWD

ANOUSHEH ANSARI CEO, Space Ambassador; first female private space explorer; AI for Gender Inclusivity Breakthrough Co-Chair XPRIZE Foundation linkedin twitter

EMMANUEL FABER Chairman & CEO Danone linkedin    danone announces op2b        danone reporting carbon   damome partners brightseed    danone framework health-food  danone ventures fund   danone social businesses developing world .. danone howgood (edited) 

JIM HAGEMANN SNABE Chairman of the Board Siemens linkedin twitter 

LUCAS JOPPA Chief Environmental Officer Microsoft, founder AI for earth, twitter linkedin google scholar

 BILL RICHMOND AWS Evangelist for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Amazon Web Services linkedin 

 STEFAN GERMANN Chief Executive Officer; AI for Humanizing Health Solution Track Co-Chair Fondation Botnar.. linkedin.. twitter  Fondation Botnar champions the use of AI and digital technology to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in growing urban environments around the world. We do this by supporting research, catalysing diverse partners, and investing in scalable solutions

FRANCESCA ROSSI IBM fellow, AI Ethics Global Leader, Distinguished Research Staff Member, Board Member Partnership on AI linkedin twitter 

BERNHARD KOWATSCH Head of Innovation Accelerator United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) linkedin 

 KAY FIRTH-BUTTERFIELD weforum board & Head, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at World Economic Forum website linkedin

RENEE DIRESTA Trust and Technical Research Manager Stanford Internet Observatory twitter 

 YUAN ZHANG Director, Machine Vision Standardization and Strategy China Telecom

SOUMYA SWAMINATHAN Chief Scientist World Health Organization (WHO) website

covid misinfo what can ai do about it ??


trump virus - top 3 lessons? - nay never no more invites you: zoom livesmatter long after unga75 sept 2020 OSUN 50 year end poverty learning linkin world's #1 college coalition+
october 5 -2020 thought of the day from twitterers who slay viruses:: Dr Tana Wuliji 5hThank you teachers for all that you do for each child, community & society. Happy #WorldTeachersDay x
2021 Presidential Inauguration Schedule & Balls. Day 1: Tues Jan 19, 2021: Black Tie & Boots Presidential Inaugural Ball. This is hosted by the Texas Society. It's ...
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