Reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
1:08 #2030now 3.19
0:39 0.31 1:40 1:02 1.21 jk search 1........ co
Which is your top 100 jim kim video vote for end-poverty tedx wcg..Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc2030nowjimkim.doc, where world demands women manage poverty why not development? Sources for millennials Happy 2015 dialogues of pih on 1 Ebola 2 how to leverage technology to radically engage patients on health care; UN is 2015 year of all change to sustainability goals... support

Monday, November 30, 2020

michael & dad's friends in Dc or of -this month -do you have half an hour either at georgetown or i could drive over to your home base?

would like to map all the intersections across sustainable youth's worlds' 11 main trading routes that georgetown and curative marketing could be concerned with and see which interest you Beyond Branding to Curative Marketing

a common survey challenge is emerging can we schedule connections between 7 wondrous summit series that put youth in orbit as the sustainability generation by 2025? That would be in line with fathers 1984 fieldbook "2025 report" on could we design technology, education and green to value the opposite of big brother endgame, how do we  (curative marketers) make sure education not just "PR" links those with the power to make global decision making with community and youth livelihoods. Jack in NZ and Ian in London have been part of beyond branding since dad retired in 1988 - we gave the scoop of the year of brand-trust valuation to Micklethwaite who later became editor but he didnt understand the east and dads 2 main eastern correspondents died in sporting accidents. 

whats weird is every chinese person i respect knows summits are a critical agenda and has all sorts of details and alumni networks to share - finding who wants to be corresponding coordinators in west isnt easy- it turns out that the UN's new head guterres gets this question but has many jobs to do! so he's left the mother of all learning summits to the first women of refugee education - WISE@UNGA NY sept 2018

however when amy and I met MB last week who has moved from 25 years of editing philanthropy at The Economist to being number 2 practitioner at rockefeller (to the Raj , he previously of ObamaID) he did recognise the summit question - hence i am trying to get youth to co-blog - Brett in Thailand is the only known to me member of family tree of The Economist's founder James Wilson in 1843 who died before hist time in 1860 trying to fix 2018's main challenge reborn as can china and india partner in developing a world one third of all humans wish most urgently to sustain. Sir Danny A is the new james wilson and jinping's family the new queen victoria and prince albert though their locations and communications tech are better suited today than poor JW could ever dream of. For example 50000 youth at tsinghua university and he 10000 startups a week coordinated out of the entrepreneurial suburb that begins at tsinghua gate are quite a human resource to friend the sustainability generation with and 80 million public servants of cpc19 is quite a tricky brand architecture to charter ( special thanks to english speaking auditor and treasurer of jinpings new worldwide bank for the poor ahead of aiib2018 in mumbai june). Fortunately china has 50 thinktanks (distributing sustainability's moon race for mother earth instead of one 1960's NASA) and at least 4 of the culturally most sensitive mediators ever to have performed broadcast tv anchoring in the english language 

another good thing is that one of jinping's main summits (namely worldwide partnerships in new development banking) is audited by a guy who lives in this region even though the PWC office is in shanghai

also one of the educators who connects headstart schooling with artificial intelligence in all china's thinktanks also commutes through DC, and the hq of the special olympics is in DC

and as i may have mentioned the main education summit hub for the un out of qatar also has a college partnership with georgetown

and at the moment it feels like the french (with a little help from Prodi in Bologna) are the only people in the european union doing anything relevant to the origin of the eu brand which my dad documented as the only journalist at messina 1955- so good that french embassy is walking distance from georgetown

 Michael (question to any of dad's friends of sustaining youth) if we could find one starting place that mattered to you - eg eastern europe and the med sea are absolutely critical to belt road mapmakers if western europe isnt to become one of the least sustainable blocks on the planet

amy has been mentored by my "neighbor" harrison to bridge how china and the west host 5000 people community brainstorming sessions; when harrison first took this invention to universities in 1984 he was told you may be right but then 95% of what and how we teach would be wrong - so dont come back; the same reaction to every aspect of dads and my fathers work to what are we doing with media has happened over and over though I understand this may be because... 

...unlike harrison i have little facilitation ability except where as a mathematician i am free to do big data small analysis and then show budget holders a truly different purpose than one their brand has ever seen before- right now the purpose of blockchain is reckoned by people like don tapscot and all canadians to be probably the americas last chance to web little sister futures instead of trumpdoms-
 jayfus in balitimore is our resident tech genius who trains mainly black youth to do as much of our regions coding as he can; he is supported by the thurgood marshall communities which having spent a lot of time in atlanta i understand to have more practical impact (great public health leader and great friends including Pope Francis and Jim Kim and Rosa Parks lawyer) than the extended luther king family - this last remark is complicated both for black and white friends to mediate and if i offend by stating it please realise real community meetings 24/7 not just virtual correspondence are needed to go beyond the beltway mindset that somehow made the washington macroeconomics consensus the exact opposite of my fathers life work (let alone the scottish joy of nations dream of wilson and smith) and indeed the purpose of the economist's first 150 years as far as the ayes can see

and then again glasgow's -and women lift up half the sky's - most valuable alumni sir fazle abed's brac and bkash remain the most undervalued brand in the world because the west and nobel peacemakers (due to the didmal omission of education as a nobel pursuit) got too much in love with yunus storytelling and not enough willing to go study on the ground how the worlds poorest village women built the 8th most populous nation just across the indian border that never should have separated china and bangladesh from building a superport (javeed is america's correspondent on what should india teach its youth next- my grandad who worked 25 years around gandhi before writing up legalese of india's independence surely wouldnt have dreamed that border lawyers 70 years on could make such a mess) 

thank you chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157
PS last week at brookings the korea-japan dialogue discussed what if 30 millions peoples development in north korea  could be cured by investing in one superport instead of nuclear futures for all our children -actually president Moon Jae-in first proposed that in June when Korea hosted 80 national delegations at aiib2017 @ the island of JEJU- i guess if washington dc was always only 7 months behind what rest of the world values most that would start to be manageable and marketable?

Thursday, January 4, 2018

macron "we must turn the youngest continents roads of misery into raids of freedom - only education can

transcript on education is now epicentre of france and all mediterranean eu countriss foreign policy to follow
amy has booked 2 days jan 11, 12 to help connect debates on this around new york and columbia university -any ideas?

thanks chris 240 316 8157

here are some of  the groups that have been working on this around un hub for refugee learning which is partnership of guterres wise sir fazle abed ghana and 5 pother education laureates networks

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I am wondering where we could meet and discuss possible diary priorities in 2018 

1 overall linking everyone through the united nations general assembly learning summit of wise and guterres where i believe china and bangladesh have the most to contribute to the extreme cases such as refugee learning as well as one of the great opportunities of 2018 being modi and jinping connect education and other jobs-for-youth tech and investment; prior to the UN in september there are at least 3 leaders summits where jinping and modi may decide the 2 nations futures

  • aiib2018 mumbai june 20187 - having attended 2017 i know the DC-based auditor of aiib and would have liked to fix a meeting
  • Qingdao SCO summit 
  • BRICS summit hosted out of joburg - to me its interesting that ghana is now recognised as leader of a university for future leaders coming from poor upbringings- one of the first free universities was supported by mandela and built by my friend taddy blecher- he graduated 15000 alumni but impact for good has so far been diluted by zuma and other old politics; if brics can turn and india can see sino-india youth opportunities as well as map the corridor through bangladesh-myanmar then that can be an amazing year for educator

2 i will be in bangladesh in 10 days time to find out ideas from sir fazle abed's team; back at his 80th birthday party spring 2016 his family asked the two chinese ladies including amy how could chinese and bangladesh girl empowerment share solutions especially around extreme poverty- as i think you know sir fazle was the founding alumni of wise and he has shared his desperation with me to ensure his knowhow succeeds him - the wise process through ghana, UN, Paris and back from beijing and madrid is an unique window of opportunity- are you or someone who cares about girl-led development likely to have tome to visit sir fazle in the next few months?

2a amy is at columbia university all year so able to link things in and out of united nations if given permission to do so; in the dc area i know the  auditor of the asian infrastructure bank- so i hope he will hely put education onto belt road maps/summits wherever relevant- obviously china-india bangladesh-myanmar is just one refugee corridor that wise has been asked to bring to the UN

3 jim kim used to have brazilians leading his education practice as can be seen at this tedx of his- they have sicec gone back to brazil - if you havent already met them then I can introduce you via linkedin - i have been interviewing latin americans wherever i can as i wanted to celebrate pope francis and the latin american preferential option poor culture; g20 argentina seemed a perfect place but so far I cant find what the links are between china g20 and argentina g20 and wise@UNGA

2.3 in baltimore we have both a headstart school and a coders in education can change the world; their networks are trusted by all inner city blacks as they are eher thurgood marshall grew up; i am expecting that baltimkore failed to get the tender to be amazon's 2nd hq; i believe it can be an ideal branch for all american girls best of artificial intelligence in education

3 i believe there are many overlaps between jialing's work on inclusion of rural kids into big cities; this is actually amy's life story so far

we would be happy to meet almost anywhere if some of these agendas are shared priorities

thank you for making wise unforgettable
happy 2018 chris macrae  DC 240 316 8157
sino-english publishers world record book of jobs creators

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

would like to crosscheck regional contacts

for example 6 years of sponsoring entrepreneur competitions in every poor community in usa that muhammad yunus waltzed through including ones at georgetown and uni of maryland and his congress gold medal  and most of the great and the goods foundations in atlanta left me with 3 connections that i admired most as having deep roots in usa whatever that is  (as a diaspora scot who has researched hundreds of cultures with mit i have to say what culture/community is in usa is so much harder than anywhere else -part of why i really dont like the big ad agencies after 25 years of consorting with their decision-makers- media isnt social just because you have a billion dollar budget claiming it )

3 rosa parks lawyer fred gray at tuskegee's booker T
2 thurgood marshalls current community leader in baltimore dr al
1  the youth ambassador at vatican university to their annual worldwide prize for community youth builders 

i dont know how to help these people but assume some research students should in the post-truth beyond congress era trump has sailed into- this is where UN guterres starts 2018 in inviting educators to swarm to UN general assembly sept 2018 - its tricky but at least half of the un eminent team know about this if there turns out to be who eg georgetown or university of maryland sees as their voice

2017 WISE Summit Replay: Opening Ceremony – Education in a Post ...
Nov 15, 2017 - Uploaded by WISE Channel
Watch key sessions from the 2017 WISE Summit on November 15 and 16

Thousands convene in Doha for WISE education summit | News | Al ...
Nov 15, 2017 - Patrick Awuah wins conference's top prize as leading minds discuss fake news and education in a 'post-truth' world.

when it comes to east europe and south africa my dad and soros shared many ideas around 1980 - this does flow through rome and my favorite girls empowerment people in bangladesh but it seems they dont know how to map catholic us universities - spent much of 2015 going round academic circles before the popes visit just as i have for 17 years now with brand reality research
I am helping link reporters and educators of the world record book of jobs creation which we want to publish in english and chinese as well as inspire youth to update online in any mother tongue. I hope that I can support a small team to visit shanghai during 2018- so far we have been to Beijing 8 times.Looking at your linkin map  I think friends and I know some good leads of what to report out of oxford and columbia university both of which I know well.  I am still trying to discover shanghai - what could sustainability youth love best to linkin. I love that shanghai is at the centre of brics new development banking, of SCO and that aiib is audited out of shanghai. I believe that hujiang is a game changer in education. I want to see every belt road map include  eg girls jobs education - one of my biggest heroes is sir fazle abed at and he help girls develop bangladesh and was kind enough to celebrate my father's lifes work as The Economists' end poverty editor and in connecting east and west. two chinese graduates and I were at his 80th birthday party where he asked for a girls newsletter between china bangladesh and india to be set up - this could be critical to how young technologists inspired by eg jack ma can link all the biggest developing countries round girls lift up half the sky. If you have time please tell me what excites you most about development you see happening. China's xi jinping is the number 1 jobs creator of the sustainability generation in our research- tell me if you would like me to email you some of the parts of our book  text usa 240 316 8157- some of the summits and cities we are trying most urgently to link shanghai to in 2018 appear at

Monday, January 1, 2018

are hujiang 100 million students one of greatest education revolutions to date?

javeed you mentioned that you would be surveying indian funders etc who might be looking for revolutionary scaling partnerships

i believe hujiang is trailblazing online platforms in ways that i havent yet seen anywhere else; we can create tens of millions of more jobs with brac style microfranchises provided we find which people scale edutech .. we cant just wait to after summer 2020 when jack ma launches that; modi and jinping need this to help them unite round the china india bangladesh myanmar corridor

here is the short speech hujiang founder gave at wise

and here is a pr summary in which surprisingly I am quoted as loving hujiang

I am looking for some way that a group of us can get back to hujiang's founder in shanghai - I suspect he will become more and more in demand across wise summits

 Ideally i would like to arrange a visit in shanghai and make sure education becomes as pivotel to belt road summits as new development banking- i will be checking with a few of the chinese at wise in the new year to get their views but lets keep thinking about how we might collectively approach hujiang

Hujiang has over 100 million students either making courses like english more affordable on moving beyond standard exams to experiential learning particularly for village children

cheers chris