monthly rachel alumniu open learning reports 1 .... could the next 1461 days be the most exciting in the history of humanity as well as transforming wash dc 240 316 8157 - the reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in; why #1461NOW? - well 2 questions for starters: what can leapfrogging do to education? and if the education commission 30 national leaders are correct and we dont celebrate leapfrogging in education- will half of all youth be unemployed or unemployable by 2030. Some of the 17 sustainability goals launched by the UN in 2015 look as if they only relate to nations in develoging world. However China G20 in 2016 asked world's top 20 nations leaders to explore leapfroging for all. Let us be clear the risk of half of youth being unemployable impacts every nation- probably developed ones more than developing ones. The tipping point of risk and opportunity has never been so great for youth - these are the most exciting times to be alive. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth?
1:08 #2030now 3.19
0:39 0.31 1:40 1:02 1.21 jk search 1........ co
Which is your top 100 jim kim video vote for end-poverty tedx

..Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc2030nowjimkim.doc, where world demands women manage poverty why not development? Sources for millennials Happy 2015 dialogues of pih on 1 Ebola 2 how to leverage technology to radically engage patients on health care; UN is 2015 year of all change to sustainability goals... support

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dear Michael and Friends 

CONTEXTUAL INTERACTIONS 1461 days to save world
I hope you will forgive one long mail on lifelong puzzles linking in whether youth livelihoods have any educational, media, open tech and investment connections with most urgent sustainability innovations - since in different combinations you may be the only people who can solve them all -  michael's goal to be the most economic language translator of videos hits multiple hot spots

NY columbia uni alumn daniel and i attended kissinger's politics is broken brief of the 100 chinese americans who care most about goodwill between both countries; daniel also has a project involving talking 1000 american  (or englsih speaking) students every 4 months to a college in south west china waiting just for them

meanwhile NY Ed researches and distributes the world's open learning content World Possible  (RACHEL)

NY MIT alumn john kiehl connects more than anyone we are likely to me meet
 miko is one of the few people who connects japan and america - why there isnt a japan100 like the china100 i dont really understand
john, miko, students and I attended un launch of 30 national leaders linking in greatest #learninggeneration with jack ma summarising risk of half of all youth having no livelihoods by 2030 Alibaba Group Founder and Commissioner, Jack Ma, Shares His Thoughts on the #LearningGeneration (i wonderb what it would cost to have this video in every language)

NY  jose connects etextiles fab labs (also miko's husbands pioneering area) and various other satellite communications technologies
not present yesterday NY rodrigo and camilo connect columbia uni engineering schools, wall street funds , and solutions to end poverty across latin america Imperative Fund – Lifting communities out of poverty, in 5 years or less

1 my father Norman Macrae's half a century of work at The Economist was about mapping places sustaining (exponentially) greatest intergenerational growth (without harming other peoples) - what he knew from being a teenager serving in world war 2 that the industrial age paradigm of become the biggest empire so you can consume all of the world's carbon (energy) and steel etc was completely broken (if worldwide humans  were to be sustainable). By 1962 he was reporting how japan made it to then second biggest economy with quality systems electronics, transport and superport infrastructures (the latter borrowed by chinese superports across the region). Dad got The Emperor's highest international award order of rising sun with gold bars "helping make world trade more positive for everyone)

2 thank global goodness for eastern hemisphere - In spite of my father in law sir kenneth kemp having 25 years experience out of Mumbai mediating Mahatma Gandhi and the British Empire, Indura Gandhi refused dad a visa to study india so in 1977 he reported how china had to become epicentral and how worldwide youth had to end national barriers with jouralism on te future history of the net generation growing The Economist by 10-fold. There were some simple ideas by 1984 like the 4 languages every 21st C child needed access to learning chinese english mother tongue and coding- and by year 2000 man's greatest risk would be perceived and real discrepancies in incomes between nations

3 Meanwhile i worked for 20 years on an mit originated project (eventually ending up in 3 of the world's largest advertising agencies with my book brand valuation chartering and a network of friends who want to see media be good for youth which american social media certainly isnt) studying largest new product introduction of global corporates- especially on how societies reacted to tv commecrcials across 40 countries. There are puzzles like rosser reeves vampire video effect that still worries me. In a 20 second ad accidentally change 2 seconds and it can completely change behavioral consequences. Because of that i had always hoped that we would get some time practising the web without video. Of course that hope (surprises in china notwithstanding) is gone- but while my model for future education changes 98% of teachers not to be originating content as khan and shannon may do i remain very suspicious that we wont do enough testing of what training video module is locally best

Because of family circumstances china was one country i never got to travel to until 2016 - 3 extraordinary young chisese languages graduated guided me most notably amy who then spent 400 days trying to guide anyone other person in america who might value creative youths futures  

amy who most of miko and john's friends know as she has spent her first 18 months in usa til hjanuary 2017; amy has also been personally tutored by harrison owen Welcome to Open Space and  on the power of storytelling to up to 5000 peole live to bridge cultures and get on with solving problems even if your nationa  are at war with each other - trying to change content of such extrordinary media owners as yazmi | Beaming Knowledge to Everyone africa's only elearning satellite beming across 100 countries with one gfreuqncy reserved for yazmi and emeral planet cable tv

 yuxuan who accompanied amy and i to chat to sir fazle abed's family in bangladesh and has connections inside tsinghua eg that no other 25 year old will ever have; scarlett who is dedicated to being a translator for hi-tech industries and helped me understand what happened when 1000 chinese teachers 4 people from WISE education summit including their publishing team on BRAC and I met in beijing on 5 nov -wise is doing the same thing in MADRID next sunday with me gatecrashing again; i am sure some people would now have far better advice for these extraordinary young superlinguistic ladies on what to do next

I have no good idea on what to do next; BUT I HOPE TO see daniels 1000 college exchnage take off; i would love to see a tour of trsinghua and also of jack ma's various campuses as well as tokyo happen over next 12 months; john has so many connections to upgrade thropugh mit especially now that we have additional guides like ab and fady as well as ed's 20 yera invetsments in gthe coders who brought mobile phones to grameen and brac

 one missing jigsaw piece is where in education are youth lowed to lead their own sustainability experiments; last weekend i ws introduced  by king to someone who has connected 200 student unions so they can lead youth capatalism collaboration projects without professors or college presidents putting them in boxes; he's just been headhunted by john macky of whole foods and conscious capitalism and black americans gravitated around 100 yeras of community building in thirgood marshall's baltimore (personally blessed by pope francis) are making better inner city use of conscious capitalism than anyone i have been able to fin in 10 years of tracking what mackey is doing as part of being one of muhammad yunus 2 real supporters in usa- writing stiries around muhamad yunus was dads last project -ma says he wants to choose local place partners in alibabauni around the wprld- the case for making baltimore his favorite space is:
thurgood marshall if you like law
baptois and frnacscan if you like community faith for poorest
regional if you think dc could give back to baltimore or baltimore could coordinate collaboration projects around the world's largest fresh watershed chesapeake pay
coding because jayfus promises to unite brainstorming on what only blockchain coders can help youth transparently empoiwer in time
conscious and student union capitalism
probably other womens and organisation of american stats empowerment things that others are better at cataloguing than I am- i spent a lot of time trying to understand OAS but languages and= old age defeated  me- pity cos the leadership cultiure of jim kim comes from latin societies but he's never alowed to speak at oas or iadb for reasons that confuse me

any dream collalborations we can urgently do in next quarter anyone
chris macrae 240 316 8157 in translation the book and games of world record jobs creators
2 other young translators do heroic work on parallel projects
for several years song was chinese student who kept youth together on diannes worldwide architect competition - she is currently back in shenzhen
parven a friend of scarlett spent a year doing journalism in beijing for a bangladeah newspaper - her older niece tania was first person who kimdly introduced me to sir fazle abed and the head opf brac bank in 2009

and isabella is my daughter

Monday, February 20, 2017

day 31 a worldwide review of what some friends most want to connect

gordon thanks for your message

henry is my main friend in madrid (we both got MA's in statistics over 40 years ago from department of maths and theoretical physics in cambridge over 40 yeras ago) - henry would you know of the school in madrid gordon talks about - actually nazrul may also be in madrid- he's one of only 2 people in europe who really understands how bangladesh microcredit for the very poorest womens families once networked in spite of queen sofia with hilary clinton being the vip summit connectors of microcredit since 1997 -peter ryan in london but serving mainly malawi is the other person

in dad and my timelines what globalisation we get is irreversible after 2021 - hence the blog of the last ays when its worth trying to connect anything - gordon met dad to review his book in 1984 and has ever since mediated out of new zealand- gordon also had the bad luck of selling 10 million books on learning web in china but getting minus 25000 dollars royalties

while writing i am fanatical about future of education and its connection of youth to jobs and sustainable communities

i want to see every country's youth exchange with china -daniel has a college in s west china waiting for 1000 internattional students every 4 months but all college proceedings are in english

since china's g20 and hangzhou consensus last august, i believe that the most youth friendly part of united nations sustainability goals has become the g20 preparation process of eg youth 20 women 20 green 20 entrepreneur 20- argentina the pope's homeland hosts g20 in 2018 so the next 18 months is a great opportunity to connect latino and chinese and english speaking cultures- camilo and rodriro are the main people i know in wall street who can do that while maurice is youth media director for vatican university- i have been over to rome twice to try and to connect ) ; india hosts g20 2019 which will be great for coders who want to save the world which is orbit of dr ranga in banglalore and once in late great president kalam's education team)

strangely the 2 most exciting worldwide education summits are hosted by gordon brown (my scoittish compatriot) and out of qatar which goes round different cities - next week madrid, last november beijing - qin helped me translate in beijing as historically have amy and yuxuan- yuxuan has been in the middle of the youth part of the qatar network longest; as far as i am concerned blockchain coders are needed to change education and this is one of 5 reasons i believe in jack ma's global partnership branding as more able to massive scale sustainability movements than any other source ( i understand not everyone  agrees- back in 2007 i would have said muhammad yunus brand was but it destroyed the stakeholder model it once built- whether brac is about to do the same now is a painful question - sir fazle abeds family so desperately needed hi-trust relationships with chinese females under 30)

for 10 yeass i tried to study how bangladesh worked- tania and her aunt parveen and mostofa know about that - and amy and yuxuan have visited the family that lead brac and so girls empowerment everywhere

ian in london knows friends who believe mass media is the terrifying problem in the west
john kiehl and miko - out of his broadway movie studio, john kindly hosts more meeting on how can tech and arts change the world than anyone in new york or up al his alma mater mit - he and daniel and miko are having another session today; miko links in japan to america- japan being where the emperor awarded dad his chief international honor for believing in japan rising from 1962

ed also in new york catalogues and distributes all open source learning through rachel and World Possible - although ed has been working with catholic relief in sudan for over 40 years his biggest local experiments may now be in kenya where audrey networks the most valuable youth coding school the world bank has ever found- the world bank has another african knowledge festival in 2 days time - prita will be there - she had many years at world bank but also comes from the part of india where sutainas about 20 million people and nanotechnology research for the poor; steve foerster runs a new academy out of dc region and mainly to nigeria; frances is miss africa america and gives back to girls schools in nigeria

king links together the most relevant youth hub in black america which connects baltimores communities with thurgood marshall with anyone well resourced in the dc region whom we can get to give back- the overall leader of union baptist communities al hatahway has visited the pope to get his support as has world bank jim kim

on saturday king introduced me to a guy who has liked student leaders in over 200 universities 9hundred in usa) - some notes on students for liberty here- while s4L runs out of dc its founder has just be headhunted by john mackey of whole foods and conscious capitalism

please connect if you see someone who amplifies what you want
peter burgess and i have had wars with the maths of global accounting for over 30 years - peter mainly concerned about its impacts on africa- me its impacts on youth

any errors in reporting , mine alone
washington dc mobile 240 316 8157

Sunday, February 19, 2017

day 30 of make worldwide youth capitalism great again

good presidents weekend to us friiends and happy youth leadership everywhere  - 100+ Youth Capitalism Student Unions

last night king introduced me to founder of 50000 openly networked students and under 30s networks concerned with creating sustainable jobs- friends and i tried for 10 years to collab linkin eg student union clubs around eg muhammad yunus to achieve something similar but failed- today i would probably recommend student union started g20 clubs but the specific identity doesnt matter if what you want youth livelihoods and real educators to do is achieve sustainable goals out of every community

i would love to try and mediate any questions you might have about whether you can help students for liberty or vice versa- all of this is happening real time so if you have a question any time please contact me or king any time -the founder of students for liberty who hosted dinner party last night has also been headhunted recently by john mackey so he also intersects all of mackeys interests in conscious capitalism and future of food chains
on monday i am in new york at various collaboration meetings; wednesday world bank africa knowledge festival;  next saturday i am off to madrid because thats where the next wise summit on future of education is linking youth in after beijing and qatar

here is an extract from the bio of the founder of this most massive student union of unions
Over the years, I have held many roles at SFL: even planner, recruiter, trainer, manager, fundraiser, writer, editor, envelope stuffer, pack mule, financier, heavy lifter, strategic planner, spokesperson, architect, and more. My credit cards have been SFL’s sole access to capital. My dorm room and apartments have been SFL’s office and storage facility. My suitcase was our FedEx account. 
From all that, there are too many stories I am leaving with to recount here; the first ISFLC where we fended off a snowstorm and my credit card companies shut down my accounts because of unusual spending activity; sleeping on floors, couches, or a shared bed if I was lucky; fending off attacks from CPAC, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, critical news outlets, and the Ron Paul Institute; stuffing more envelopes, taking more Chinatown bus rides, making more phone calls, debating more issues than I can remember; and surviving risky situations from questioning the Venezuelan military in a Caracas polling station to making it through the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria unscathed.

additionally king and al hathaways work goes from strength to strength - i am now confident that baltimore youth connections will help to change washington dc at least for futures black americans can contribute to the world and us cities- there will be a big thurgood marshall event in april out of baltimore please ask king to put you on alerts for this if black america great is one of your connections- 

apologies for leaving this so open; i am trying to understand who can multiply the biggest connections first - eg probably we can offer youth 1000 scholarships to china every 6 months if we can find the part of students for liberty that wants to connect that- we are still trying to understand where to help education commission 30 national leaders of greatest learning generation ...

so maybe the question is what do you or close associate connect that could be the most massive collaboration amplified for under 30s sustainability - how do we relay your suggestion through baltimore or mackeys networks and students for liberty 

chris macrae 240 316 8157  - 1461 days left to make worldwide great again  

Friday, February 17, 2017

day 28 in praise of

we miss the late greate wangari maathai - twitter with greenbeltmovement -we desperately need an open learning curriculum of bottom-up environmental solutions -its probably one of the gaps in president trump's experience of life in the developing world  - 3 videos to watch now if you care about forests  -is the world bank rise database worth a look ?

at tsinghua university , brooking in china is led by the forer founder of beijing's thinktank on microenergy - we'd love to know china's benchmark solutions in this space

meanwhile here's a tour of some other developing regions who do you admire most in microenergy world- it seems that there is so much local context that the hope/need for this market to fast scale worldwide is going to take a new platform - perhaps blockchain

power africa was the second of obama's usaid programs designed to integrate massive public and private partberships -when we look at the thousands of contractors usaid employs we wonder how much blockchain could save in clarifying all aid ledgers of microenergy

reviews on scaling challenges include 1

a founding hero is neville williams : comes out of his love of solar from the  days the carter administration made him ambassador to clean energy

 after being briefed by williams in around 1996 dr muhammad yunus grameen shakti was developing by mid 2000ss one of the fastest growing models by getting microfinance for solar optimal until the troubles that saw the government take back a lot of grameen's finance - elements that were win-wins- grameen phone ladies needed ways to recharge village mobiles; yunus inspired over a thousand youthful green engineers to get solar systems out there in rural areas; he had also hoped top create massive numbers of jobs for village girls with the after-service of solar installations emerged from some of yunus founding team

nancy wimmer wrote the book on how yunus model deserved to solar a billion and also caries on work he inspired at runs the awars for microenergy - led by lord sainsbury's daughter sarah butler-sloss and with prince charles and vip patron

issues with solar include :
how to share any excess that one solar unit produces
batteries remain the non-green (and perhaps inefficient) part of the system
the technology has been on a moores law of downward pricing- this makes it hard to be confident of
of how fast the business model may need to evolve

indeed one of the risks of the yunus social business model is it doesnt always keep enough in reserve to deal with when technology requires another investment leap forward

we strong recommend keeping eye on paul polak's bottom up multinational models - we'd like to see one of the microenergy franchises scale to hundreds of million served

meanwhile the 15 decision culture of microenvironment services celebrated by microenergycredits resonates with us and we hope you

.my family breathes clean air
every member of my family drinks filtered water
my household environment is clean and free of soot
my children have sufficient light to do their homework at night
I have light in the morning and the evening
I create awareness in my community about clean energy
I save time by using an efficient stove
I save money on medicine and doctors because I maintain clean household environment
I save money and time by charging my phone at home
I use the time I save to grow my business
I use the money I save for my family’s future
I save by not wasting money on kerosene and wood
I take clean energy loans from my circle so I start saving right away
I earn money and respect when I help other families use clean energy in their home

I preserve the environment by burning less wood and kerosene looks at various opportunities to test rural social business- its portfolio
Aujourd'hui, c'est sur 4 continents que danone.communities accompagne des entrepreneurs sociaux à écrire leur histoire et à rendre la vie de leurs concitoyens moins difficile. Bangladesh, Sénégal, Inde, Cambodge, France, Mexique.... c'est le tour du monde des belles inititatives !

Les fiches projets



Améliorer la nutrition des enfants d’âge scolaire au Sénégal et proposer des services à fort impact social.
Voir le site du projet


FranceNutrition infantile
Améliorer la nutrition des enfants de moins de 3 ans issus de familles en situation de fragilité sociales/économiques.
Voir le site du projet


Lutter contre la malnutrition en Chine via un programme de sensibilisation et un complément alimentaire fortifié.
Voir le site du projet


BangladeshNouvelles frontières
Contribuer à la création d’emplois pour des femmes et permettre l’accès à des biens essentiels en zone rurale.
Voir le site du projetVoir la médiathèque
El Alberto

El Alberto

Permettre l'accès à une eau potable à un prix accessible aux populations indigènes de la région El Alberto au Mexique.
Voir le site du projet


FranceNouvelles frontières
Valoriser les produits et augmenter les revenus des petits producteurs via une activité de diversification.
Voir le site du projetVoir la médiathèque
Naandi Community Water Services

Naandi Community Water Services

Apporter de l’eau saine à boire dans les communautés villageoises de l’Inde
Voir le site du projetVoir la médiathèque
Grameen Danone Foods Ltd.

Grameen Danone Foods Ltd.

BangladeshNouvelles frontières
Apporter la santé par la nutrition au plus grand nombre, et combattre la pauvreté
Voir le site du projetVoir la médiathèque
La Laiterie du Berger

La Laiterie du Berger

SénégalNutrition infantile
Améliorer la situation des éleveurs Peuls en valorisant la production de lait du Sénégal
Voir le site du projetVoir la médiathèque
1001 Fontaines

1001 Fontaines

Améliorer durablement la santé des populations rurales via l’accès à une eau saine et bon marché.
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