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Monday, September 10, 2012

we will occasionally interrupt the building of MOOC cashless banking with some other correspondence between massive collaborators of 2013 year of MOOC
interrut flow 1 - refer also to collaboration researc of youth's 10000 greatest job creatorswith education
thanks for your phone all which prompted me to write this summary of what I feel we all need to explore!!

1 with hindsight it was a great tragedy that 15 years of number 1 millennium goal actionnetworking was convened as microcreditsummit instead of credit*education*open technology. While the grassroots networks that inspired the origin of the summit (BRAC Grameen in Bangladesh) were always about empowering youth's convergence of open tech, education and investment, microcreditsummit implied you had to be interested in banking and over the years it sponsorship got hijacked by big banks and top-down government aid.

2 MOOCs which have emerged from open course ware of MIT but are now being massively and openly marketed by a new start up team at are the only open education channel that can scale out of rich hemispheres. They are going to be a massive battleground in 2013 because they potentially burst the bubble of big non-job creating universities. MIT if you are rich enough to go there remains the number 1 open tech alumni network with eg berners lee and $100laptop linking out of there

3 However below the radar of the tertiary war over freeing education the idea of searching missing curriculum and letting millions of youth be free by same missing curriculum also applies to primary and secondary. Offline aflatoun has already demonstrated this with financial literacy that emerge for orphans at primary schools in india now being a curriculum used in parts of 90 countries

4 through over 25 years of searching we have found relationships at founder level at least 5 brilliant content changers of education that is bottom-up and designed round all children maximising their opportunities not just academic toffs :
lucknow which continues gandhi/montesorri
new zealand which has also inspired 10 million chinese parents and began because a new zealnder read our 1984 book on net gen -see eg attached paper
south africa free university that partners google africa,mandela, branson
aflatoun both where it is globally coordinated in netherlands and through brac which is its largest scaler

5a i sincerely trust that middle east oscars of education like WISE qatar would not disagree with 5 i have mentioned even as they know others- again sir fazle abed of brac is most connected person being the first WISE world prize winner

BUT many of these foudners are elderly and only brac owns the infrastructure as well as the content -that is why we are spending next 3 months trying to find every way that brac becomes the leader in demanding microeducationsummit - equally brac hasnt studied moocs much yet

incidentally the head of the whole public university system in georgia was first in USA to make his state an open youth competition zone so if you are advancing relationshisp with georgia tech you might want to see if bhuiyan could get him to join in

regarding next 6months how we can maximise all who could join in - for me involving the japanese as ultimately investors is essential as The Emperor wants net generation to be economical and brilliant at co-producing millennium goals - that is where The Economist and Japan leadership ultimately converge on sharing the same maps with worldwide youth. Also together our contacts at japan and brac can search through mit and linkin all the best relationships as they already know enough of the key open tech people there.

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