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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear Darrell
I hugely enjoyed the Brookings meeting on education and asked the last question on behalf of Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus "how would you design a new university" if we could turn the 4 pillars of knowledge production, knowledge distribution, assessment, and credentialiing bottom up to be pro-youth economically. We map this back from valuing future job creation and community sustainability in ways that celebrate today's extraordinary open technology and help youth mediate its deepest social networking impacts.
Pro-youth economics of the net generation was a subject my father Norman Macrae started debating 40 years ago at The Economist after he and I had seen experiments with 500 youth sharing knowhow around an early digital network .This became his life's work with the catchphrase"Entrepreneurial Revolution"which is very dear to all our family investors and the education entrepreneurs we linkin around the world.
I am continuously interviewing and hosting informal meetings on this until Yunus comes to DC for his congressional gold medal and testimony to congress. Would it be possible for me to come and interview you or someone you nominate on this subject?
Yours sincerely
Chris Macrae             301 881 1655      
Norman Macrae Family Foundation - help map students top 100 ideas on societal system transformations that they want professors to spend their education on

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