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Friday, November 30, 2012

what happens when all the resources of a states education system are focused on asking students how they would create jobs

what happens when all the resources of a states education system are focused on asking students how they would create jobs and help societies become labs for solutions of communities' greatest sustainability challenges -

or for a more particular example  if just one day a year what would happen to a place like washington dc   (hotline 301 881 1655 )f all the silos and conflicted parties spent just one day listening to brightest youth ideas of how they would like to spend (some of) their lifetimes on challenges every community needs to relentlessly collaborate around to sustain better futures?

you can an early test here of the sorts of projects students (case north carolina's25+ public colleges sept 2012) come up with when given a day to present to the world's number 1 pro-youth economist muhammad yunus  search other pioneering states such as georgia, oregon, alabama at http:/  or monitor the world's biggest live experiment when Tokyo listens to 12000 live youth on 30 january 2013

at you can help us develop a coding frame to include wave upon wave of parallel student competitions where a whole state asks its brighest net generation brains how to create jobs and sustain communities -where an app for job creating is growing in popularity we invite you to breed sister youth10000 blogs - eg health, food, opentech, energy

what other sources for research could we be integrating?

we also invite other searchers to connect through the same coding guide- eg you can link through the same sorts of apps of interest to youth's 10000 greatest job creators at the search for 100 leading investors and opinion leaders of 2010s= worldwide youth's most productive decade

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