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Thursday, November 8, 2012


2012: 40 years ago my father's view of the future of economics and human productivity was changed by seeing 500 youth sharing knowledge virtually around an early digital network.

Norman Macrae founded Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER), as he helped to take The Economist global. ER is the genre for questioning how to multiply 2 types of productive lifetimes that multiply value. Map innovation as seeing how to revolve from economies that only value owing things to those that linking how knowledge multiplies values in human use. :

  • the real ie the only kind in previous human experience, 
  • the virtual ie the new kind to innovate so that the death of distance age became youth's most productive and communally sustainable time.

30 years ago as we wrote the first future history of the net generation and mapped how to co-create 3 billion new jobs with collaboration technology, changing educational systems was the number 1 factor explaining which places would boldly invest in abundant job creation by youth.

Future Capitalism and
What is necessary for the world's biggest decision makers to free their place's youth from phony capitalism is to go back to the original deinition of entrepreneurial system design coined by Scots and French in the late 18th century: the entrepreneur is a  person who creates more jobs than she or he takes.

If leaders of 2010s valued one  economic truth about helping youth co-produce the most exciting human futures ever impacted by working lifetimes it would be  national debt is not the priority issue is a nation's worldwide credibility regarding entrepreneurial revolution of education towards helping youth create jobs.

When you map where is education linking in youth's 10000 greatest job creators, the irony is not at all at western national (eg USA) or supernational (eg EU) levels though in some bold case regions within. This irony is redoubled when you discover that the boldest experiments in changing educational system have come from developing countries like Bangladesh and South Africa or previously countries that were geographically isolated like New Zealand whise book on changing secondary education was bought by over 10 million parents in China. The New Zealand contribution to gamechanging education was published in 2010's inaugural issue of Journal of Socail Businsss - a Norman macrae Family Foundation project designed to help youth linkin to the 7tth decade wishes party of Muhammad Yunus which we sponsored in Glasgow over Interdependence weekend 4 July 2012 - see more on or download the whole of the inaugural issue of the journal of youth economics here.

USA is cursed as the nation of lost youth opportunity as evidenced by the trap of the most massive student debt in the world. Will Washngton Dc free youth in time by celebrating 2 blessings when it comes to youth job creation : MIT the largest job creating alumni network in the world and Historically Black Universities who value students who design jobs round resolving communities greatest sustainability problems as much as those who sit around passing exams expecting employers to then make them job offers.

Tokyo is demontsrating the scale of celebration needed to value the net generation's help inchanging education. In Januray 2013. 12000 youth will join in live in a jobs competition where the most open franchise concepts of jiob creation are already being banked to a tune of 20 million dollars, and that's just as a first experiental round!

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