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Friday, March 29, 2013

links new studied by me for march #moo 5 MOOCs Teachers Should Take As Students

Run aMOOC? An Examination of Course Materials in Massive Open Online Courses see blog at

[ ]

the _MOOCs and Libraries: Massive Opportunity or Overwhelming Challenge?_ program at Penn and co-sponsored by OCLC Research

[ ]  We are developing immersive and compelling apps and games that encourage the player to learn the principles of Code, Science and Design through the creation and enhancement of their personalized game environment.

Khan Acadmey - truly inspirational - staff of 23 reaches 43 million students in 216 countries in 4 years.  All on line.  Allows collaboration, mentoring.   Training anytime, anywhere.  Now in 20,000 class rooms in the US.  Metrics include:  where student is stuck,  which excercises work best etc..etc.  Class time is no longer lecture based,  but where students do homework.  Teachers move from "lecutres" to high value time with children that need help.   Its free.  has real advantages over MOOCs.   attached is video:  

Time stamp:  40.00 - 50.00 he compares MOOC vs Khan Academy. 

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