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Sunday, January 22, 2017

day 3

are you still in jamaica; i guess i could fly over if you are for many more weeks; do you have anyone in UNCTAD you could introduce me to ?

 i will be in new york nights of 26 and 27 january if you have time to meet - after that my priorities other things being equal would be china bangaldesh and cambridge (or princess anne) and wherever unctad is

 i am a bit dense when it comes to hi-tech but i am still trying to understand who are most central blockchain designers of health- i am shocked but i dint think jim kim or paul farmer get blockchain yet

 i am up in nh talking to people at intel who are helping curate missing curriculum for 300000 students at a time; i am also working with youth in rome who are helping optimise meetings with chona before the g20 in argengtina

if you are not in new york is there anyone you recommend that i should introiduec directly to the following people who care about affordable health care

1 sir keith peters at cambridge and crick a close family friend
2 george patton in australia and with the lancet aiming to open source and peer to peer adolescent health anywhere 
3 my friends at brac bangaldesh - world leaders in girls empowerment and village health builds poorest nationsaway the number 1 faith
4 my friends in baltimore who are inviting anyone toi hiub with them who doesnt want to depend on trump - elena wen is the number 1 us public health servant jim kim backs - al hathaway faith and education desigfbnerf jim kim and pope fcrancis back

probably i could list more people but my proiblem is working with imtel'sopen sloiure education group i cant work any longer with people whop doint want to collaborate openly with chinse under 30s women if not with me

thanks chris macrae dc 240 316 1857  last 1461 days to fix youth sustainability's 17 goals,  and girls empowerment of trump

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