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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

day 6

dear gordon i have few doubts that The Learning Web - Home Page is the most fun space for future of education two people have ever created since 1984 and my fathers book debating whether educators would save or destroy 21st c webs of economies and human sustainability- so yesterday i gave a copy of your book to al hathaway who with king is building a total new education system out of baltimore - everything black americans would like to grow the future around way beyond any imagination donald at in the white house could even feel 

on the same day i  was one of 300 people sharing a debriefing by cheng li. the c100's main student of china's public servants with a database he has complied over 30 years since graduating from berkeley,  on the next 2 years of xi jinpings diary of everything goes well for the future of china and global youth

and then on friday i speak to a person connecdting intel's archiving of everything that has ever ben put online and open in education

so here are some questions, I have no budget other than a fast eroding pension

1 regarding al and king how much of your content can you let them completely open source assuming that anything that works they will work out how to share with you or those whom you trust your legacy out of new zealand and singapore and 10 million mainly chinese readers of your book

I will try and understand exactly what criteria intel uses to call something open source - you can from above library-eg moocs do not appear because their content editors put a lot of conditions on use that are not OPEN

one of the things that cheng li makes clear is china is at its own crossroads- if there are some things you are uncomfy with from china's past (eg still with brazil the highest gini/exclusion coefficient in the world) why not assume xi is uncomfy too- this year he chooses his team for the rest of his legacy -  whats not going to happen in the rest of this century is any sustainability scenario in which china doesnt help lead all of youth to  whatever  human destiny will spiral

anyhow i can promise you al and king are very grounded-in-their-community people and faith in good- maybe the opposite of my back from which future curiosity as to what ending are we value chaining worldwide youth to - so i hope west baltimore sounds like an open space worth sharing everything alumni of te learning web have discovered as you empowered evy child from age 7 up to be their own filmaker of their life

chris the 1461 days that determined the future of youth around the world -for those not allowed blogs see the world record book of job creation thanks 

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