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Thursday, January 26, 2017

day 7 catching up with day 5

notes on who will rule china and what goals - from brooking cheng li presentation tuesday

100 minute presentation is U.S.-China relations in transition - Part 1 -cheng li graduated from berkeley 30 years ago- has kept leadership database ever since- its the greatest friendship resource on china we would ever be fortunate enough to be guided by and accompanies his recent book which was first discussed last month with kissinger leading the briefing on us-sino goodwill with many of the C100 EVENT: Henry A. Kissinger Keynotes Committee of 100 Event "U.S.-China Relations in the Trump-Xi Era" in New York | December 14, 2016 - Committee of 100

have attached few slides on cheng li predictions made 48 hours ago- from summer 2017 xi jinping chooses leaders for his second 5 year term

5 of top 7 people are to be chosen - slide 1 the choice
slide 2 shows proteges of xi expected to get leading positions after the top 7
alongside this are 10 place ceos - the state businesses in these places make them among the
largest chief executives anywhere

the issue is sorting this out is quite a lot of work for a leader of the world's largest country! my question to cheng on this is at 1.24 hours of this video

so sorting trump relationships doubles up xi jinpings work

then we you look at partnerships he sought from G20 in fall 2016 - this is a huge diary of decision-making

One Belt: jinping aims to build a world class trade route of railways and superpoirts across west of china and whole contient through east europe down  probably through venice the marco polo route (with ;paralele superports that also link in malaysia , middle east ..) and over to africa -djibouti, ethiopia. kenya. egypt gatreways

china also is hugely invested in both major southern hemisphere continents africa and south america

as well as investing hugely in eastern hemisphere partners

how can any of our networks be of help to xi and 1.4 billion chinese people -a nation whsoe social security depends on their half billion under 30s

clearly kissinger and c100 will try to maintain us-sino relationships

we kept being told that to improve south relationships xi jinping wants friendship with ;pope francis particularly before G20 Argentina 2018 - then India host G20 in 2019- jinping always repeats india-china must be a huge focus- both of these dynamics youth networks can help with

so much is in play - difference between win-wins and lose-lose across all of abopve may well determine sustainability of all of us
chris washington dc text 240 316 8157   1461 days that determined the world's sustainability (or if you are not aloewd blogs try the world record book of job creation thanks  )

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