video- garan video-attenborough video-paul rose video
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4 : our goodHUBSguide awards for 2020 startupgrind and zoomuni- started in london 2005 year of make poverty history hubbers thank klaus schwab for extending a week long skiing for leadership hunt to 4 cities linking in humansai- san framcisco, tokyo, beijing, delhi- it was a pity that those who met at san francisco in 1945 chose one way to un just the atlantic belt roads not asia pacific beltroads too- after all two thirds of humans live on the asian continent and it was the british english mindset which trspun slavery and povery traps across the old world- born to a scottish veteran who served his last days as a teen i would exist without the kindness of americans stopping the old world from 2 global wars but that doesnt mean enough americans understood diversity of colred skinned original continents of asia or africa in 1945 -any un curriculum in american schools needed to connect california with maps of asia, west asia landbridge to africa not just the vanities of the western g6 representing less than 10% of people lives- these inequalities were an accident of how the first 18 decades of humans and machines spread- if only what glasgow u's watt and smith started up in 1760s had spread as efficiently as nature's virus- this is a terminal reminder that man's globalisation is broken wherever it fails exinction-testing rules of bottom-up and open not trumpian top down and bordered
- special china thanks: BRI Belt Road IQ -need custom guide rsvp normanmacrae foundation, DC-text 240 316 8157
Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
1:08 #2030now 3.19
0:39 0.31 1:40 1:02 1.21 jk search 1........ co
Which is your top 100 jim kim video vote for end-poverty tedx wcg..Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc2030nowjimkim.doc, where world demands women manage poverty why not development? Sources for millennials Happy 2015 dialogues of pih on 1 Ebola 2 how to leverage technology to radically engage patients on health care; UN is 2015 year of all change to sustainability goals... support
Even as the 1960s moon race inspired the world, we need to understand how unequal the opporttunity to innovate had been - even in the 1960s as many as half the world's people had no access to electricity grids so they got their news of the moon race by word of mouth.

Consider 1000-1500- until the last few years of this period , the known world was Europe-Asia and NE Africa; #BR8 the med sea was the main world trade waterway; places facing this sea increasingly developed win-win trades; moreover #BR7 the west asian border to med sea was the start of an amazing overland relay of traders which stretched all the way to china (the silk road was the greatest overland world trade route ever and to sustain its interfacing markets required positive cross-cultural bridging all along its route. Silks and spices from the Chinese end acted like a positive currency- there was much demand for them whose value naturally went up the further they were merchanted back to Europe. Everyone gained for this trading route- you can read marco polo's diaries- perhaps nowhere invested more in artistic celebrations of being a major hub of positive trade than his hometown venice in europe and the town he was asked to govern for 2 years in china Hangzhou which marco described as the great town of markets in the world.)

What happened towards 1500 that 2 long shipping routes were discovered by north europeans- the new world of the ameriucas to the west (#BR6 N, #BR10 what we now call Latin America), and a way of reaching the @BR2 South Asian coastal Belt (starting with the indian subcontinent) by sailing around africa. A ship captain couldnt affird such a long return voyage unless he goit what trade he wanted- soon this big ships were equipped with gun power and crews were pressganged or even enslaved. Next in the process was colonising. So it was that nations became big by pludering economies of other peoples places. Back in 1500 places economic size was corelated with population. Soon Britain grew at the expense particularly of the Indian subcontiuent. Mainly Britain and France colonised Africa too, Spain andPotrtugal colonised Latin America. North America was settled by a mixyure of Europeans whose declaration of Indendence in 1776 ended any attempt by Britain to colonise America, But we should note that the USA was built on a sort of internal colonisation - natives had theor places taken over and slaves were used to do most of the hard labour. In effect the old war's colonial ways casued the 2 world wars of the fkirst half of the 20th C. From 1946 most of the world's countries regained their independence but starting from (mainly undeveloped states - poverty that the colonia era had gtraped them in).

Ironically whule the UDA came to tghe resuce of the old workld and from 1946 helped relaunch the two biggest losers of world war 2 Germsny and Japan, american (not withstandiong thair family trees origins) had previously had little modern of knowledge of Eurasia but were pulled into peacekeeping and the cold war with russia through the sceond half of the 20th C. Whilst there was some understanding of the extraoerdinary progress japanese enginers made with electornics, civil and other enginnering, the rise and rise of the east and the often difficult bodrers that had been caused by British and Jpoanese colonisation of the region are not deeply studied by most Americans or their media. It should be the best news the world has ever seen that the fifth of the world in chjna tghat closed itself to the world for more than a centiry after Brfits has offered opium as a gtrading currency in 1860 is now as entrepreneurial as anywhere. With over half of tghe world's ;people facikng either the sout asia or east asia coastal belts, the opportunity the east is cfreating to win0pwin gtrade oin line with moore's ever increasing technology should make sustainable youth worlwdie the gfreatesty positive curency-invetsment the human race has ever mapped. But this is not how USA or the block of coungtriues ruled by the Euro have marketed transapfrently. Instead we are caught in the Keynsian crisis of economist not valuing the hippocratic oathes he had published as tghe final chapter of the ngeneral throy of employment money and interest. The 2020s are likely to make the system designs our tech spreads irreversible- will the end game be big brother extinction or little sister sustainability?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I would like to congratulate you on your model, your success in next million dollar funding round,  and i hope it becomes the number 1 model of its kindc. It is wonderful to see that wise is accelerating such potentially world scaling possibilities led by young people

Originating from my fathers Norman Macrae work at The Economist, I believe the world of youth jobs is in a mess because the 21st c should be designed around a learning economy growing people (where value of knowhow multiplies value in use and app) not a thing consuming economy

it would seem that these are core variables;

1 catalogues of digital learning and how blended with real:
*that which is best for jobs when it is free
*that where there is a maximised customised charge
* a third catalogue where it needs to be charged for so good sustainability ideas scale but as low cost for youth to access as possible because it is so integral to the future of mapping back future of millennials as different from non-sustainable histories -this third variable would for example involve maximum diversity in brainstorming revolutionary technologies - blockchain is the one jack ma is forming colleges around the world to study- also maximising human intelligence as opposite field to artificial intelligence aim to replace human work

whats in english
whats in chinese
how translation access is made available to other mother tongues

3 where  (eg UAE wise and million dollar teacher prize) are educational summits and processes valuing youth jobs mainly inviting collaboration and leadership by younger half of the world

there could be other variables but these three take up every bit of my time to connect youth and elder mentors around as we compile the world record book and games of job creation


there are 7 people i discuss things most with and i wonder whether i should introduce all of them 

4 are new york based elders particularly connected with 1 and 2
3 are graduate chinese ladies particularly concerned with 2 and 3

ed resor at World Possible  catalogues all completely open learning - main partner intel; main channels african schools but also working back different trades = if you want to be an electrician what maths from khan academy do you really need to dashboard

john kiehl owns a movie studio in ny broadway but his passion ois how can coding/apps and maths change the world - he is an mit alumni; he links in many engineering schools around his coding question

daniel is an american chinese- a hundred of them and accidentally me were briefed by kissinger to keep skils exchanges going between us and china youth no matter what trump does; daniel has a sw china college partner taking 1000 english speaking students ever 4 months to an exchange program - overall to create an alumni network of friendships between youth of both languages but also as an opportunity to theme progress in specific learning-skills networks as relevant for each new cohort group - daniel when he trusts someone can open doors to all sorts of chinese american alumni groups and investors networks EVENT: Henry A. Kissinger Keynotes Committee of 100 Event "U.S.-China Relations in the Trump-Xi Era" in New York | December 14, 2016 - Committee of 100

jose while based in new york does a lot of tech business in china where among other things he is a world leader in fab labs and 3 d coding

the 3 young chinese graduates
yuxuan is a graduate of tsinghua and able to introduce almost any subgroup within tsinghua - since the majority of chinese public servants are trained in tsinghua and this year xi jinping chooses his top 7 people and 2nd 5 year mission being guided around tsinghua is critical

scarlett attended wise @ beijing with me- there are potentially hundreds of contacts to reconnect there

amy spent 18 months interviewing 50 of my friends in usa including all of above - one of her missions is simpler - how to maximise peer to peer languages especially increasing women of her age comfy in 3 languages mother tongue, english and chiense

i realise that all of above criss crosses with your specific model and focus but there are some interesting questions
1 china already is far more scaling in its own language learning contents than the english speaking world
2 a lot of the back from the future solutions that china has animated in g20 partnerships like wise point to need to unlearn as well as learn- for spanish speaking people a pivotal date to map back from is argentina g20 summer 2018 (culturally the epicentre of franciscan cultures which happen to be main model world bank leader jim kim advocates young professionals use)

aldo tell me what you think- there are a huge number of crossover points in next 18 months depending for example which summits people linkin with as well as which supercity or superplace youth they collaborate with -jobs and learning strategies need in my opinion to become specific to typically maximum 25 million people networks which doesnt fit well with the old world of nation states but does need to take account of where languages and cultures can rapidly empower youth's peaceful and eg clean energy world where ultimately youth need a total revolution in education - 30 national leaders started last year around hypothesis that anything else that total transformation of education will make half of all youth unemployable by 2030

cheers chris macrae washingtin dc
ps could you also send me a bookmark to beijing summit you are attending and tell me if you would like to meet scarlett who is beijing based
  she has a very clear plan as a graduate translator she wants to get better and better at hi-tech translation between chinese and english

pps did you say you hail from netherlands- the most conneceted person in the association world of student unions taking back their own innovation project futures is dutch but now is a neighbor of mine in washington dc

day 40 what if youth only have 1461 days left to open up sustainability world 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

day 38

dear henry, and friends please have a look at  

i will need to do a lot more work on it now i am in wise network of 1000 spanish and middle east people crazy about future of education
basically its the messages of jim kim and pope francis that i believe need connecting with all cultures of family/community growth - youth's next best sustainability reunion for this is argentina g20 2018

i will over time try and do eg a parallel space on chinese views and then play games of snap between people interested in connecting both

ed catalogues everything available in open learning World Possible RACHEL and is in his 42nd year connecting catholic relive services out of s sudan

maurice volunteers at vatican university to be youth ambassador to all these sorts of things; camilo/rodrigo design wall steer fund to end poverty across latin america 

john unites the wolfram maths/coding of all this out of his new york film studio and with mit alumni - the graphic above is a picture of his and chinese open space facilitators interests about a year ago; daniel is in the middle of sw china college inviting 1000 english speaking youth every 4 months; ; miko unites every japanese interest in valuing youth and arts (another strength of john)

qin attended wise in beijing with me and amy was the chienese girl who demanded we all connect about 3 years ago; ian is both amy and my main media and leadership adviser out of london

we are still in a collaboration race to see who can get closer to jack ma projects than knowing the portal for youth run out of tsinghua university; yuxuan is our number 1 alumni of tsinghua university and of wise

jayfus, jose and lee and steve doing extraordinary things with coding and fablabs and blockchains  out of dc and new york and boston regions and shenzhen
prita's family have a retreat space in kerala india next to who unites all the un's research on nanotechnology for the poor; prita used to work on learning at world bank - she steve and I were at the african knowledge fest last wednesday where we also had chance to meet some of the people compiling the world bank report on future of education

king connects thousand of baltimore families with best connections to regenerating inner city america- they have a thurgood marshall ( black history's greatest supreme court connector) celebration in april; thety are connected to 200 student conscious students unions around the world as well as the goals of john mackey ceo of whole foods and client of johns - al connects baptist and other faith groups and has the blessing/support of pope francis

chris what if there were only 1461 days to save the world day 38 
hi everyone henry and i both got MA in statistics from University of Cambridge Department of Applied Maths in 1973 - the same faculty space as stephen hawkins and joseph conrad - 
if the world of families destroys its youths futures-- that is a maths/systems problem- trouble is I have one of the smallest brains ever to have graduated from dampt but i still wonder how do we unite enough maths people to solve this greatest maths and faith mistake- if you dont openly value youth's future livelihoods at every opportunity why should the human race be sustainable 

Friday, February 24, 2017

youth collaboration across cities may be our last best chance at sustainability unless you know better

those who love helping youth linkin sustainability solutions across cities and hemispheres had several huge reasons to cheer from summits in dc and ny this last week and ones coming up soon - some notes below- please exchange news with me at to get more specifics -and if you happen to be in madrid between sunday lunch and tuesday night why not meet for tapas!


CITIES FOR ALL: Inclusive Implementation & Monitoring of the SDGs & the NUA

Event Information


In order to respond to the fundamental challenges that threaten the sustainability and prosperity of nations and its cities, the international community has renewed its efforts to shape global policies and practices that are crucial for the sustainability of humankind. The adoption of the 2030 Development Agenda and the New Urban Agenda represent an important paradigm shift in tackling both persistent and emerging challenges, with a greater recognition and understanding of the multiple dimensions of poverty and vulnerability, especially effecting women and youth, are related to urbanization.
The side event will be an open forum to demonstrate both the need for meaningful data collection as a way to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda, combined with examples of how the inclusive implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda is being undertaken by governments, civil society, the private and multi-lateral sector. The speakers will be drawn from four main sectors namely civil society, private sector, government and UN Agencies with a strong links to cities, and who will discuss both how data and metrics are essential for development goals to make correct decisions on the best policies to adopt, combined with how the sectors currently are implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.


Thu, March 16, 2017
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM EDT


Ford Foundation
1440 Broadway Avenue
New York, NY 10018


Organizer:United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat)

Organizer of CITIES FOR ALL: Inclusive Implementation & Monitoring of the SDGs & the NUA

Hi Soimk Lall we briefly talked about your publication on african cities during the world bank knowledge fest - before coming to dc i volunteered for european union knowledge board starting up what became youth-sustained hubs across many collaboration cities

I am very interested in linking youth networks with how they can link best supercity projects around the world
Particularly knowledge connecting ones that youth can energetically link through hubs and massively freeing collaboration between students who are often siloised by universities or other sponsoring institutions- i found out how bad siloisation of usa academia is by touring with muhammad yunus round 20 colleges he spoke at none of whom want their students to cross-fertilise -shame on them= i do not believe in silosing end poverty museums   The Collaboration Cafe

Would a meeting be worthwhile; you might also choose if particular friends initiatives interest you

1 daniel takes 1000 english speaking students to a college in south west china every 4 months; this gives us a chance to theme different future interests and make sure of continuing alumni connections between chinese and english speaking youth. 
Supercities and goal 11 around the world is a regular sub-program though we would need help in bringing in the first stream of youth who wanted to include african cities beyond eg nairobi, joburg and addis where we already have lots of technology connectors

2 jayfus is baltimore dc regions trainer of supercoders in the african diaspora end connected with our partnerships which bring expertisie from Dc to the community hubs of thurgood marshall which are supported by world leading faith groups and increasingly all kinds of wizard technologists and chinese visitors - he works closely with king who nalso runds dc conscious capitalism chapter- while this is led bt john mackey of whole foods it is now linked to over 20 student union clubs around the world through students for liberty

steve also connects king and has a new academy serving several african cities; prita ,links in indian citoies end poverty learning festivals

3 years ago i was contacted by some chinese female undergraduates who had studied jim kims change the world transcritops and who have been making sure that pretty much every major chinese city is able to welcome youth who seriously want to exchange development solutions  -amy is the ringleader of that circle and has many educational and open space mentors depending what sort of practice area of development students want to exchange over and above peer to peer language and coding groups

kiehl in new york owns broadways main movie studio but kindly lets youth host any supercity discussions whenever they pass through new york- he and his associate jose also helps linkin leading engineering schools around the world: makers faires, fablabs, big data sme apps etc- additionally kiehls has helped eg medgar evers in brooklyn get sneak previews of social activist movies that need massive youth community teamwork- there must be ways to connect all the energy of black america whether its internal or diaspora- again inter-hemisphere connectore amy has been helping storytell that oschina

sincerely chris macrae bethesda 1461 days to change the world