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Thursday, February 2, 2017


henry could i introduce you to ian ryder - he is coordinating timing of actions out of london (i havent been based there since 2007 but there were once a lot of royal society etc friends linked in -mostofa kept the youth diary)

 - for over 20 years now we have been crazy about how mass media could do good but usually spirals badwill; also for 10 years the only person to keep me sane on what was really happening in microcredit out of UK was peter ryan- he helped us host youth's first birthday party with yunus his 69th in dhaka

ian - henry has sustained for at least 15 years a hub "HAPPY" very central in east london; it has linked in such skills as coding curricula- was fast company london's favorite space for meeting for the 3 years that there were 50 worldwide social capital clubs - housed the antidote network which I think then morphed into the innovation unit which then wrote up the report on sir fazle abed's life work regarding education at first WISE summit - nin november this was republished in chiuese at first wise-beijing education summit

 i dont know if heath is still around - last seen at google while last time i saw alan was at the world's first global social busoiness summit in berlin

the problem with actions is that they depend on people permissions

so ian has many socially networked friends in hi places though my biggest manageable persona challenge in UK is gettong a quality meeting with gordon brown

also mostofa spent about 5 years based in whitechapel area - originally bhe was promised the youth ambassagor and bangladesh diaspora franchise in london by yunus but he was never backed by other money men yunus had hired; equally when we provided funds for the world entrepreneur summit at queen elizabeth 11 centre in westminster in 2008 to sample 500 yunus books that summits leaders did not reciprocate by catalogung projects all the delegates wanted

thanks chris macrae mobile/text usa 1   240 316 8157

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