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Sunday, February 12, 2017

could we try on monday febriary 20 to do part 2 meeting to last tuesday (and john could we do a morning phone call to scarlett in beijing)

monday feb 20 meeting : firstly so people can meet miko - she is our connection back to tokyo olympics 2020 being the greatest zen/tao celebration ever as well as many other connections she lee and amy
also jose never got to tell ed about his revolutions in satellite broadband distribution by and with the poorest nor his fablab hubs

also it might be a good time to make sure we optimise ny dairies in the future

1 the greenest architect and billionaire builder comes to new york about once a year since he is the only top 20 china entrepreneur from amy's and mao's home prrican leaders province i wish our conscious capitalism youth architecture club would be fully linked into this map ; this architect also connects with all of branson (and so environental blockchain) networks and all of cathy calvins at unwomens, ted turner billanthoropy, steve case tech bilanthropy

2 next the ceo of property developer vantone whose head office is 5 minutes walk from the hotel i stay at also has designed new york's most empowering hub for chinese and american leaders to open space the future- it takes up a whole floor of the world trade tower 

3 john you remember when marinez and you took amy and me to the xlearning evening brief- the leaders of general academy and several others we discussed on tuesday- the question then and now- if the ny suburbs double in youth population over next 10 years but ny is led by job-destroying fiance houses -what sort of hell will ny suburbs become now - the only solution i can find is collaborate with west baltimore youth now esepcialy as they can partner 2 sporting mepires -underarmor and leonsis and thru thurgood marshall jack yao's - ask every tech hub from 1776 downwards to partner with al hathaway - America, Britain, China communities of learning and small enterprises 

 jim kim and pope francis faith in youth -KING please issue date of thurgood marshall ribbon cutting in march - if you dont tell us this in next few days it will be an awful communications waste - the end of being able to linkin mackey?!?

this is such an obvious need now to me- how do i or who explain it better ???

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