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Thursday, February 16, 2017

day 27 baltimore's conscious property movement rises and rises

oops one of the more mindblowing days from 45 years of interviewing alumni networks of

About a year ago an energetic young chinese lady convinced about 20 of us elders to play a game of tag with her as we spent a day visiting all her/tao's favorite (or curiously conflicted) people in baltimore maryland and washington dc . we moved through open space technology, emerald planet cable television, to many projects connected by the region's conscious capitalism chapter founder King. But pretty much everyone agreed that on bumping onto Rev Al Hathaway a Baptist Union minister who had just returned from a meetup with Pope Francis, we need to make our next visits to the region to west baltimore- the street that Thiugood Marshall changes USA out of and which Al has picked up the relay baton.

Al has subsequently told me about wearing 3 hats that i didnt know one person could wear:
faith community leader
property developer
designer of a whole new education system

I dont know what the opposite of a supercity is but until 2012 I'd have nominated DC as in a premier league of dismal politico-capitalism cities. Then Jim Kim turned up. But even he very seldom  all the expert networks he banks for to local issues like integrating development of baltimore. In fact the world bank contracts him not to develop usa except in his spare time if i understand correctly. However understanding faith begins at home - so his biannual faith dialogues at the world bank do permit connectors like DR Al to celebrate at least one of their 3 hats which lines up with POP - the cultural model inspired by franciscans which kim and farmer previously built around in organising student and health expert exchanges between boston, haiti and then 10 other poorest partners in global health. POP =preferential option poor

So i wonder if the world bank has actually studied POP property development. Its springing up all over baltimore. What I thought was only a west baltimore movement turned out last night to be rising in south baltimore's broadway too. Isnt it fun when economies are built in the multicolored streets of  disadvantaged families instead of ivory towers or white houses or on the nightly news soundbiting (  you dont see reporters cover stories from the bottom-up -maybe that's not where the creature comforts of late 20th century celebrities were located but sustainability youth better change where to search for greatest heroes now) .

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