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Friday, February 17, 2017

day 28 and rachel month 1

whatever happens to the 52 months of trump i want to see the greatest #learningeneartion emerge even if that means that we wil have to creative destruct the whole us education systems as one of the elast job creating in the richer world

hence i will try to remember every 28 days also to file an update on open learning progress across teh world and inside the youth states of america- please expect a lot of hindsight editing - these monthly posts are not static - they are intended to be updatng colaboireation action spaces - if one of them doesnt seem self-contained and you need more infor please ask me
dear friends -please see below line for query on community health education

top note mainly to king - tuesday meeting of 50 practical community workers was evry impressive and to be frank i still dont understand why tebabu's diaspora network never branched into something similar- its unlikely but i was wondering if i could suggest to john kiehl that he should invest in a base in baltimore - it becomes much more likely if we can get a vip list visiting baltimore in april for the rebirth of thurgood marshall as local skills networking not the hbuc fund that has so far siloised HBUC networlks that all the great and the good of atlanta had promised to linkin when yunus looked ,like bing tghe choef connector he never turned out to be - peter burgess and i are now over 10 years into the dances that led youth  towards but never in a way that united jobs movements  The Collaboration Cafe

i suppose the thing is before the big event in april i feel it would be a good idea to have some some concepts - what for example is it we need to take a coding school uniting jayfus and al to the next level? is there some way that people who belong to each community (south baltimore and baptist u) can know of each others resources

I also didnt understand why the capstone event got taken out of baptist - 
i guess i come from a background of looking for editors- do we have someone across all the networks who connecting health the way it would have been if we had found the right basis to partner zara

cheers chris
progress report on rachel

rachel is a collaboration network built around an electronic gizmo and a lot of human searching which aims to catalogue every completely open source learning module; the electron gizmo empowers up to 50 students to use rachel like a local hotspot but in my case i tale it round both educational summits and  communities that are ,missing some sort of training and ask 3 sorts of questions:
are we missing any open source content you use

if you could make 1 minute video on on our community desperately needs  this skill to be included in open learning what would it be

if you do have skilled trading mentors - eg electricians -could we interview them to get a dashboard on what eg maths they need trains to have so we can start matching education with exact professional compasses - we believe this is going to be the way to find out how much learning could be designed in peer to peer formats

here are some great new health videos that could be loaded on rachel - while the context is developing world - time i met al before last he was being visited by students from john hopkins - surely they could clarify whether there is already sufficient free videos on parallel context in baltimore

peter i recall the day at mec when students were ;pitching community development solutions and mosr were about taking the skills they were acquiring to after hours community service spaces - do you think MEC is worth another go especially as the epicentre of all open learning cataloging  seems to be ed's central park office

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