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Sunday, February 19, 2017

day 30 of make worldwide youth capitalism great again

good presidents weekend to us friiends and happy youth leadership everywhere  - 100+ Youth Capitalism Student Unions

last night king introduced me to founder of 50000 openly networked students and under 30s networks concerned with creating sustainable jobs- friends and i tried for 10 years to collab linkin eg student union clubs around eg muhammad yunus to achieve something similar but failed- today i would probably recommend student union started g20 clubs but the specific identity doesnt matter if what you want youth livelihoods and real educators to do is achieve sustainable goals out of every community

i would love to try and mediate any questions you might have about whether you can help students for liberty or vice versa- all of this is happening real time so if you have a question any time please contact me or king any time -the founder of students for liberty who hosted dinner party last night has also been headhunted recently by john mackey so he also intersects all of mackeys interests in conscious capitalism and future of food chains
on monday i am in new york at various collaboration meetings; wednesday world bank africa knowledge festival;  next saturday i am off to madrid because thats where the next wise summit on future of education is linking youth in after beijing and qatar

here is an extract from the bio of the founder of this most massive student union of unions
Over the years, I have held many roles at SFL: even planner, recruiter, trainer, manager, fundraiser, writer, editor, envelope stuffer, pack mule, financier, heavy lifter, strategic planner, spokesperson, architect, and more. My credit cards have been SFL’s sole access to capital. My dorm room and apartments have been SFL’s office and storage facility. My suitcase was our FedEx account. 
From all that, there are too many stories I am leaving with to recount here; the first ISFLC where we fended off a snowstorm and my credit card companies shut down my accounts because of unusual spending activity; sleeping on floors, couches, or a shared bed if I was lucky; fending off attacks from CPAC, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, critical news outlets, and the Ron Paul Institute; stuffing more envelopes, taking more Chinatown bus rides, making more phone calls, debating more issues than I can remember; and surviving risky situations from questioning the Venezuelan military in a Caracas polling station to making it through the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria unscathed.

additionally king and al hathaways work goes from strength to strength - i am now confident that baltimore youth connections will help to change washington dc at least for futures black americans can contribute to the world and us cities- there will be a big thurgood marshall event in april out of baltimore please ask king to put you on alerts for this if black america great is one of your connections- 

apologies for leaving this so open; i am trying to understand who can multiply the biggest connections first - eg probably we can offer youth 1000 scholarships to china every 6 months if we can find the part of students for liberty that wants to connect that- we are still trying to understand where to help education commission 30 national leaders of greatest learning generation ...

so maybe the question is what do you or close associate connect that could be the most massive collaboration amplified for under 30s sustainability - how do we relay your suggestion through baltimore or mackeys networks and students for liberty 

chris macrae 240 316 8157  - 1461 days left to make worldwide great again  

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