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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dear Daniel 

the web site offering 980 more student visits to china every 6 months  looks great - my friends who value youth most may have some detailed questions- also very timely as I am a college reunion tonite at maryland parliament in anapolis and my black friends in baltimore have major celebrations of thurgood marshall community college that they are recreating (for me not that i feel expert about usa,  he was the 20th century's the most pivotal high court justice) 

Chengdu American Center | g-MEO
- my first one : you mentioned you may extend exchange beyond american students to all students able to study in english- please tell me when that decision is made then I can connect a lot of people in scotland, UK and Italy - 3 european countries whose youth can do culturally positive things in celebrating china's united goals and peer to peer language mentoring - if given a chance- also many of our coding connections go through india and its my understanding that jinping has special priorities for good youth relationships in india especially before india g20 in 2019

can i particularly check in with my 3 friends who know people with student relationships

miko do you have some practical questions - web looks very nice

dawn - do you think this is enough info for me to check in with your friend who has helped so many virginia community colleges to job create - i dont think i have her contact point

amy - 3 years ago you were the person who inspired me to research why both chinese (half a billion under 30s) and americans needed exchanges- please concentrate on this program once you have finished family's new year holiday

daniel and I attended the kissinger c100 briefings and we are both very active students of brookings books on what xi jinping wants including right way to build relationships with pope francis before the g20 in argentina; i have also ordered the book by jinping on "rejuvenating china"; i do understand amy from your storytelling capabilities that older generations in china have no public social security other than everything they have invested in their childrens livelihoods

I strongly recommend that wherever we connect youth exchanges we brief them on g20 student union clubs- and we connect them with intel's massive search for open online curricula that link to small entrepreneurs skills and end student debt

- redesigning the g20 process is china's gift to the world of sustainable youth- and if i understand the legacy of jinping and his gutsy wife over the next 5 years depends on uniting youth entrepreneurs around g20 - which jack ma's role at UNTAD bridges 

 since hangzhou last august and of course all this deeply connects all the positive youth and coding and education networks of jack ma too

cheers chris washington dc 240 316 8157

Chris and Fumiko,

Please take a look at our website first:



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