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Friday, February 3, 2017

I enjoyed talking to you last night at the state house.
please tell me if i should come down to st marys to see if you and your team are interested in any of these worldwide collaboration projects on sustainability of economics and education


My family has been working over a decade now to integrate the keysnian/smith economics systems map by matching the bangladesh way developed by (rural privatization or what Jim Kim calls POP - Preferential Option Poor) empowering the world's poorest village women's communities -zasheem ahmed in glasgow and mostofa zaman in dhaka can list about 30 events we co-sponsored in this direction with participation of over 50000 youth (dvd, journals, book review clubs, entrepreneurship competitions, 2 birthday wish parties with yunus (and 80th one with sir fazle's family) where we sponsored travels of many youth ambassadors etc). I am summarising the 3 future collaboration networks now of greatest interest to all my family and friends

1 G20 student union clubs- these are being designed as youth and intergenerational spaces for discussing massive collaboration agenda china (xi jinping and jack ma) launched at China Hangzhou G20 2016- each year networks such as women20  youth20 green20 business20 have opportunities to update action solutions - 2 key years are 2018: argentina's g20 - the time for the south and latin america to maximise its students and enterprises impacts,
 then a year later in 2019 india g20 - china's leader xi jinping has made it clear his legacy will depend on india-china goodwill youth and world trade infrastructure networks - i would like to ensure bangladesh is included 

my scottish compatriot gordon brown with jim kim and jack ma launched - 30 national leaders on future of education and youths .livelihoods; this interests me as my fathers friends tried to launch journal of social business with adam smith scholars, university of glasgow and muhammad yunus as a remembrance project of my father The Economist's Norman Macrae (in 2018 The Economist is celebrating its 175th year of mediating systems/markets that end poverty and hunger) - unfortunately yunus interest fell through- sir fazle kindly picked up the interests in 2012 when he convened a discussion on the relevance of my fathers keysnian work to his with the japan ambassador in dhaka

these days I am working as a volunteer with an intel "world possible" project linking extreme-need hubs -we are aiming to map all the most massive scaling small enterprise curricula (eg leapfrog models of financial inclusion and future blockchains) and we will be presenting this to sir fazle at brac and the education commission as soon as we find the right diary space - we will probably makeover because all learning associates of intel need a companion web which has a permanent editorial viewpoint= or we could be cheeky and use -  but my uk friends need to check whether the royal family would support that as much as they used to support yunus - eg charles wrote the preface to banker for poor and the number 1 microenergy laureates network enjoys his role as patnership as indeed grameen nursing college did when Princess Anne hoped yunus would sustain last mile nursing as a global womens movement)

3) Alibaba Group on Twitter jack ma (china's second biggest businessman and number 1 educator) is forming regional college partnerships alibabaUNI around the world -  apart from the portal at tsinghua university, the most advanced is with new zealand - i wish to form one with ABCD - namely state of maryland out of Anapolis, Baltimore black communities of thurgood marshall, Chesapeake linkedin colleges, DC- jack has already promised new administration 1 million new jobs connecting his ecommerce with local usa SME commerce- we need one USA region to be MA's trusted benchmark lead partner in this- for this region not to be MD-DC will be one of the greatest misse economic development opportunities ever and quite probably 4 to 8 years of trump will make every sustainability goals unattainable in the west ( cf Kissinger briefing  ) 

 - jack also signs up the world biggest environmental labs - cataloguing chesapeake environment projects around world's largest free watershed can be an easy sell to him if  we find the right moment in his diary- we are being advised on that by brookings senior china scholar who is also briefed by henry kissinger to make sure chinese americans keep every goodwill relationship going between future of chinese youth and american youth - xi jinping has written a book on how sustaining half a billion chinese under 30 jobs needs massive collaboration with global youth best solution too sustainability goals 

regarding 3) we already have some strong connections:
the thurgood marshall education system of west baltimore - al hathaway - has been recognised by pope francis
there are sporting team movements out of dc aiming to give back to baltimore - and we are connected with those who want to make japan olympics the most responsible platform ever
while we have relationships with anapolis legislature on its b-company leadership networks we dont yet have the optimal environmental or anthropology connections as well as overarching adam smith view of designing economics so that every small enterprise can happily and freely access markets

chris macrae norman macrae family foundation  bethesda MD 240 316 8157 (text and mobile)

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