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Monday, February 6, 2017

small enterprise- fastest growing undergraduate curricula?

hi suddenly small enterprise undergraduate (an schools) curricula look really hot - hope everyone circulated think thats great news since thats what all adam smith scholars believe in out of glasgow university and the first 150 years of The Economist was edited around such a belief and 2018 is 175th anniversary 

Daniel if your team opens up 1000 students college exchange in china to international they might want to contact the australian college below - it would be cool to connect university that loves jack ma's work, china g20 invitations and education commission
i think the reason for this scholarship is mainly because the Australian family were first to invite him abroad 

Also this video Alibaba Group and Jack Ma Strengthen Ties With Australia - Alizila shows how jack and ali baba co-market mainly small businesses from australia/new zealand  - the question which comes to mind is how do we match a place where youth desperately want  to linkin the sort of g20 and education commission (jobs) futures as well as fielding some unique local businesses with merchandise chinese customers want. I am working on some concepts (both UK and usa) to present to regional development offices but would welcome improving ways that we could brainstorm between anyone who believes their place has uniquely relevant possibilities and knows how to connect mayors or other place governors offices.  I believe the latin american yabt youth networks across south america are very strong and in 20 years of helping to clarify how place branding works few regional banks are as smart as IADB

related research - anyone pivotal to goal 11 sustainable cities and communities; mayors and twin cities networks; need some help from someone fluent in chinese - i hear china has over 100 experiments going on that are relevant to supercities with view of fail fast and replicate successes fast - i wish there was a catalogue to these experiments in english 


Announced by the University of Newcastle (Australia) on 3 February 2017, the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program at UON is a new life-changing program made possible through the generous philanthropic support of the Jack Ma Foundation.
The largest philanthropic commitment in the history of the University, the Jack Ma Foundation will give US$20million to fund the groundbreaking Ma & Morley Scholarship Program at the University of Newcastle.

chris washington dc text 240 316 8157  
ps historically over 20 years the greatest community banking model (shorebank is usa was led by ron and mary out of south chicago -one of the research networks which tries to keep that knowhow going is banks with values Home - Global Alliance - For Banking on Values

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