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Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
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Thursday, February 2, 2017

under-trump day 13

great meeting your team with al hathaway and chris king and hearing about community building training of please can i check whether it would be ok for me to observe your evening training session next week at Baptist Union - if so what time does it start over the years chris king also introduced me to a lot of people in takoma park and silver spring stefanos is starting a journey in building a school - so i hope he will be connecting with all the relevant experiences of al tebabu has been building communities around ethiopian cafes, is one of maryland's founding bcorps, has access to takoma park's large community conference space where he hosts relevant events; his wife does deeper interpersonal groups work amy has been cross-fertlising chinese taoist culture, the world's number 1 girls empowerment educators, and our maryland hero Harrison Owen Welcome to Open Space and there are extremely few facilitators quite like harrison; david and miko also spend much of their time on community building I am not quite sure how all this fits together but at its simplest i recommend anyone passing through dc region to start at al's King - it seems that the rachel technology i briefly showed off last week has biggest usa use in terms of providing classes to prisoners - maybe we need to put that on one specific meeting agenda- please can you also send us news of thurgood marshall opening ceremony; i am taking rachel to john's broadway studios on tuesday - chris macrae 240 316 8157

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