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Monday, March 13, 2017

as a diaspora scot i now wish the armada had never happened - we invest in clans (family economics) as do chinese and latin cultures

my guess is that every culture that ever grew across generations valued family as the molecular dynamic of hi-trust economics - do mail us stories of how your culture values family most of all - here's one of our inter-cultual explorations of this - note that argentina g20 is where to linkin if you believe that health families generate strong economies not vice versa

dear henry

at an  over-simplified level - franciscans and many spaniards value family as what sustains economic growth across generations; even more chinese families i have been introduced to by chinese graduates like amy in 4 visits to china value family as the deepest source of intergenrational growth

if you look at the maths of what the european union or subprimed wall street or the alliance between germany/swiss banks/luxembourg/fifa measures its the perfect exponential maths for destroying families' if you look at germany's dependence on russian energy its thousands of times less transparent than trumps relationship with russia which i have no reason for believing is any more than one of my greatest east europe heroes gorbachev/soros

i dont know the polite way to discuss that in spanish but anyone who believes in pope francis values should start a spanish exit as fast as possible, or if that is too much to bear at least sponsor youth and job creating educators to linkin to argentina g20 in 2018 - and then maybe those of us who speak at least one of english spanish, franciscan, tao, zen, maharishi, womens values as mothers or chinese can redesign futures so all our chidrens have optimistic chances of better livelihoods than we their parents

unfortunately anyone who thinks we have more than 1461 days to turn this round has been turned unconscious by the rotten western mass media that6 has been out generations main innovation - so are there any maths peoiple among us able to turn this round

cheers chris

From: Henry <>
To: 'christopher macrae' <> 
Sent: Monday, 13 March 2017, 17:38
Subject: possibly interesting latin america report


Thank you for your e-mail and link.

The link takes me to a 372-page report in Spanish.

I looked at Chapter 2, which begins on page 93.  It begins with a
description of a class reunion of adults who went to the same primary school
and how the others had very different life paths from the writer, and the
writer discusses the effect of the family.  The rest of the chapter
discusses how the family produces its effects, from parental behavior,
socioeconomic level, the early child skills: physical, cognitive and social
emotional skills.  It mentions cases of malnutrition and different levels of
nutrition, effect of educational qualification level of the parents,
breastfeeding, domestic violence, time spent by parents with children, the
possible role of the state and infrastructure.

However the above paragraph does not do justice to the chapter being
described, because the chapter is very well written, full of much content
and many comments, examples, analyses and explanations.

I intend to read more of this report, because it is well written and

Best wishes.


From: christopher macrae []
Sent: 13 March 2017 18:47
To: Henry
Subject: possibly interesting latin america report

but no english version Topics - Research and development - Publications

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