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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#bebold #usaid - inference curious meeting usaid- best thing for intl women close usaid today open uo chinausaid tomorrow

today we heard stories from south african trade hub
village womens best paid livelihood is informal cross brider trade
theytmake eg 4 times more than the border guards
but for safety they often have to become a girlfriend of one of guards

this reveals usaids biggest problem-
if you are going to end the deepest poverty, the deepest abuses of women you need to help women in very poorest villages build communities by being with them - what Jim Kim calls profesional POP - Preferential Option Poor networking- the way brac in bangladesh does by valuing the vilage mother as the greatest of all end poverty economists- trainer in livelihood and recreate value chain around smallest so she can then bring up children who build with tehse livelihoods too

usaid only has main communications channels through borders run by top ;politics ans and big banks and 5000 intermediaries in its main subcohtactorsrs - while this goes on usaid is the prefect system for compounding abuse of women at the ;poorest borders

solution to transition teams
close usaid today
collabonorate around chinausaid tomorrow and soft land on argentina g20 2018
free trade from the bottom first - any trade between poorest communies that isnt guns or harmful to human bodies should be free whether or not it crosses national borders - especially trades in learning and in health and nutkition and everything mothers spend income on to improve their childrens .lives

thanks to international women days extraordinary hosts at DC's city club 555 13th street -all errors in reporting mine alone bethesda MD

Don’t Forget!

Special Joint Seminar
Women Without Borders: Gender and Informal Cross-Border Trade
Lis Meyers: Banyan Global 
Sait Mboob USAID 
Wednesday, March 8
9:30-11:00 am EST 

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