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Thursday, March 9, 2017

can g20 save half of youth from being uneployable

we briefly exchanged cards

my main interest is: assuming as declared sept 2015 by 30 leaders at Home | the Education Commission UN  that all round the world is currently making half of all youth unemployable what can we urgently and co-creatively help each others communities and networks and youth do about it

from opinion research with youth , i see china as being most concerned at fixing this with half a billion under 30 livelihoods

whilst at the 16th creative youth olympiads, billy lee explained to me over 30 years of the american chinese diaspora briding youth friendships between china and america - that sounded like the best education idea I had ever heard of -   so i found my way to wise beijing in november and previously saw all of the china g20 on tv with beijing friends so i would like to help youth and educators connect all the agendas started up at china g20 - i particularly would like to see latin cultures progress these argentina g20 2018 (particularly after pope francis and xi jinping have briefed each other) and india coders connect these g20 2019- i recognise that canada is the main country on the continent holding open collaboration possibilities to youth while trump huffs and puffs

i try and connect c100 projects such as 1000 english speaking student exchange every 4 months to a college in south west capital- my father and keynsian alumni norman macrae reported the future of the net generation lout of the Economist all his life- in 1984 his book on would education destroy millennials was picked up by gordon brown whose counter-practices at out of new zealand  have attracted 10  million chinese parents and various international schools - gordon travelled all the way to a mexican wikipedia education summit 18 months ago so i am hoping he and Marta have some interests in common with all of us

i wonder if some of the things i am trying to linkin match your interests and if you have any advice i can send round to all my friends on ways to help g20 youth networks most i would love to have that

chris macrae


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