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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dear Fiona Thank you for your very kind mail on G20.

Marta at American School in Barcelona has some immediate practical questions about how to connect with G20 networks while mine are more long -term

I met Marta and Winston in Madrid last week at the WISE education summit following on from WISE education summit in Beijing Nov 2016, previously I was in Beijing watching China G20 on television. I understand from three years research with chinese millennials that they actively want to connect education, jobs and sustainability solutions and see each new G20 subnetworks as an exponentially rising opportunity to do that on 17 Goals, action learning nets, apps and jobs of sustainability

My favorite educator in the whole world is sir fazle abed of BRAC who has started encouraging Chinese students to report the futures they want for QuarteraBillion girls aged under 30 in China. I became fan of WISE when it elected Sir Fazle as first worldwide education laureate to benchmark. In November WISE next summit is on co-creativity of both teachers and students and nations/societies. So a lot of dots to connect!

My questions would be most about how to maximise youth networks impacts around the world in time for connecting argentina g20 - in washington dc where I live I am informed that Xin Jinping wants to meet Pope Francis to check whether confucian and franciscan youth vcan unite on a lot of action networking. 9 months before Pope Francis US tour i travelled to Rome to start making connections with Youth linked in with Vatican University. I have senior contacts at Organisation of American States who are currently in quite a quandry caused by the hiatus in transition from Obama to Trump. Fortunately while corridors of power in Washington DC huffs and puffs, Black American youth futures that i started reporting with Muhammad Yunus in 2008 are keeping us grounded out of west Baltimore where Thurgood Marshall communities are on a roll with support of all major faith leaders including Pope Francis 

 I also work with a college in south west china that has space for 1000 english speaking stdjents every 4 months and they would love to help map back accelration toward youth entrepreneur contributions to Argentian G20 2018 and India G20 2019. Xi Jinping has made it clear that what chiense and indian coding youyth can do will be very inportant

I realise Canada is playing an essential role in keeping American youth opportunities open to all these colaborations: ie china, south lof broder in latin america, india. I also attended 1776 meeting in DC last yera where Canada's governor general made plea to help Canadian students rapidly accelerate exchnages around the world.

If it was practical i would be overjoyed to visit you or colleagues in Canada any time but I know Marta has some more practical questions- she is a hero of youth social entrepreneurship all around Narceleona and the WISE summit nade it very clear that Barcelona has huge contributions to make to social innovation and job creating education, and potentially uniting latin cultures around G20

Marta please take up the conversation -apologies for any errors in reporting. So much happened at Madrid- I realise as just an elderly Diaspora Scot,i only understood about 10% of the deepest issues impacting future of Spanish youth's livelihoods 

best to everyone chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157 

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