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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

$100 degree - key to sustainable youth generation

the futures' history of worldpossible
travel to south africa 1999 where a nearly free university was born - the mandela extranet gravitated the most exciting missing curriculum partners whose course would one day viralise to millions of youth like branson on entrepreneurship or maharishi on your inner tao (indomitable spirit of maximising how much time you spend at experiential edge of your most unique competence to serve others),  by the 16th creative children olympiads outside the whote house the week before independence 2015 taddy blecher had linkedin over 15000 alumni of nearly free- youth who were once disadvantaged are now connecting leaderships networks of sustainability south africa


what would alumni like to add in next to viralise the 100 $ graduate profession of worldwide sustainability under30s

a satellite learning channel all across africa, middle east, and refugee europe

friendships between chinese and english speaking youth - why not train each other's second language
and become translators of the world's most sustainable solutions
 a ,local hotspot RACHEL for dsittibuting every open elarning module and colaboratively dashboarding which modules are needed to apprentice which skills

5 dollar certificates from the world bank open learning campus for those who study how to question the world's climate crisis

spaces in poorest parts of supercities where youth are first to explore (open sopace) everybody's opportunity of world possible learning and small enterprise redesign of value chains-

come partner baltimore to see whats happening at hub 2 disadvantaged black girls started in 1870s- its everything "america the free" could ever imagine sharing with a world of opening and education that loves developing your being -
open space why baltimore girl empowerment love banglaldesh girl empowerment (eg last mile nursing networks) love beijing girls empowerment love buenos aires (franciscan girls g20 2018 empowerment) love bangalores female supercoders love united alumni of blecher in south africa love boston leapfrog coders of eg  love berkeley's social justice girls-where will you help us link in girl microentrepreneurs - sustainability has zero pssoibility without them

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