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Saturday, March 4, 2017

wonder if its practical for all (or many) of us to spend 48 hours at MIT before end of april - kiehl i suppose your conscious friends from texas wouldnt have time for a replay at MIT

ab is in boston and can guide us round some tricks of wikipedia i dont think anyone has seen before - eg when it holds a summit it creates a new topic and all delegates of the summits start writing up a curriculum- if the world of apps for humanity are to meet at india's g20 in 2019 I assume ab will need to be under 30s youth host in chief

john hasnt meet the quadirs yet even though they seem to me to do the best mit does with apps relevant to bangladesh empowerment

jose can guide us around fablabs and 3d- i am still unclear with rachel has modules on that

i dont know where the hotspot is on such mit things as:
mit- and tsinghua 
mit and blockchain education credits
mit's dean who has taken semesters off to launch a new skills school
whether edx will ever connect with rachel and if not whether joi ito's support of reclaiming open learning will ever go anywhere - at one time he was using detroit as his future regeneration lab in ways that parallel all our efforts to make baltimore the place that changes DC

there is of course much more to maths. wolfram, mit , rachel than i begin to know about

there is also edward roberts at sloan -when i asked the only person at mit i have know for 40 years i was told to start with him but i chose the wrong first subject as i was doing a lot of interviewing of muhammad yunus in 2009 and for reasons i later understand that was exactly the wrong first social innovation network to discuss with roberts- 

there is also this very strange thing : co-editors of the world record games of job creation and i just about know who in Arab emirates is celebrating what open learning research with youth but i cant find the friendly ways into the parts of mit research that are mainly sponsored by abdul latif and legatum

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