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Saturday, April 8, 2017

1 king -still trying to get kiehl on phone

2 on monday i will update al - i believe any vip who passes through al's space needs to have opportunity to want to fund 4 things
A music-video etc cultures - if what kiehl and al are planning
B -baltimore as next silicon valley: tech garage space
C- girls solutions to the world of social justice
D baltimore usa number 1 portal to china - new since trump now wants  - best friends (people to peoepl and business trades) with china

amongst other things who is al's number 1 sub-brand - communications connector of each of these networks - we need that advance news of the organigram if its not going to waste greeting every vip that could linkin streets of west baltimore as gateway to supercity dc -job role - be around when vipos are visiting - have the roladex of which mayors are interested in which issues; understand who are al's bigget funding partners in which- maximise presentation of this information somary houghton can advise on banking partners (ideally consulting amy's friends at brac the same way she did at shorebank)

it turns out that xi jinping is already choosing jack ma's usa regional partners- mid west and aaska- mid-atlantic usa is satrting from way behind in all three of trump, jinping and ma's personal networks - if underarmor, jim kim, leonsis, hopkins, mackey friends dont turn out to bat on one team for al in next few weeks we'll be playing in such a pr invested shark area that black and girls inner cities will never get more than the crumbs - and wherever blockchain partnership formation is coordinated out of it wont be baltimore wizard tech space

3 if you have any news on being a conscious youth ambassador before i go to china please share with al kiehl and amy as scaling youth collaborations is now extremely time sensitive- i need to negotiate a first massive youth partnership that wise and tsinghua at beijing friends understand- saying i have to wait months for liberty students to know what they want is no longer an option  -when it comes to mackeys network dont forget he's into nutritional schools curricula at wholekids and womens empowerment banking at wholeplanet- so any conscious youth movement needs to be at crossroda of that as well as the 2000 student unions of liberty

cheers chris 

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