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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dear Alex

When we met at your ford foundation cities for all talk (unwomens week goal 11 unhabitat) on urban surveys of girls voices on safety in about 5 countries , I mentioned that my neighbor in dc when she isnt working for plan international in bangladesh is tania zaman

tania is  now in dc for about a week now before i go to china; prior to plan international tania was head of brac brand reporting directly to sir fazle abed

I wanted to make sure your programs are connected as they can integrate unhabitat in amazing ways-previously i knew of its green networks in nairobi with wangaari maathai and some of its vancouver work but hadnt associated unhabitat with other girls or womens events at UN;  indeed for 3 years now chinese youth and i have been researching the hypothesis that goal 11 is the one that empowers girls most and after 10 years of studying brac I am absolutely certain that sustainability goals wont be achieved without integrating poorest girls networks

so in every country friends and i try and find partnerships i look for the entrepreneur network that has the longest history of girls social justice
-this is who we aim to link in girls education movements from chuna and bangladesh and america - where sir fazle abed has already asked for chinese journalists to develop a newsletter for him and so that he can work out next partners for celebrating girls livelihoods everywhere

i do hope this mail gets to you and we find a way of making the connection ; i have cc'd the 3 chinese graduate women most connected in this search challenge from china's side

I have also cc'd tania's niece parveen who has been doing journalism in both bangladesh and beijing and ab - in ab's case was headhunted out of indian villages by mit media lab and wikipedia to connect girls development and many of the leading technologists he now hunts out in boston; across usa, our overall connector of girls networks is al hathaways- his community founded social justice for girls back in 1881! - oout f west baltimore it is the deepest urban city justice partner for all youth in americas blessed by an extraordinary group of people giving hipe to ypouth from pope francis to jim kim ....  

chris macrae washington dc mobile 240 316 8157  
ps does plan international have an office in beijing and if so is there anyone i can contact while i am over in beijing?

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