video- garan video-attenborough video-paul rose video
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4 : our goodHUBSguide awards for 2020 startupgrind and zoomuni- started in london 2005 year of make poverty history hubbers thank klaus schwab for extending a week long skiing for leadership hunt to 4 cities linking in humansai- san framcisco, tokyo, beijing, delhi- it was a pity that those who met at san francisco in 1945 chose one way to un just the atlantic belt roads not asia pacific beltroads too- after all two thirds of humans live on the asian continent and it was the british english mindset which trspun slavery and povery traps across the old world- born to a scottish veteran who served his last days as a teen i would exist without the kindness of americans stopping the old world from 2 global wars but that doesnt mean enough americans understood diversity of colred skinned original continents of asia or africa in 1945 -any un curriculum in american schools needed to connect california with maps of asia, west asia landbridge to africa not just the vanities of the western g6 representing less than 10% of people lives- these inequalities were an accident of how the first 18 decades of humans and machines spread- if only what glasgow u's watt and smith started up in 1760s had spread as efficiently as nature's virus- this is a terminal reminder that man's globalisation is broken wherever it fails exinction-testing rules of bottom-up and open not trumpian top down and bordered
- special china thanks: BRI Belt Road IQ -need custom guide rsvp normanmacrae foundation, DC-text 240 316 8157
Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
1:08 #2030now 3.19
0:39 0.31 1:40 1:02 1.21 jk search 1........ co
Which is your top 100 jim kim video vote for end-poverty tedx wcg..Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc2030nowjimkim.doc, where world demands women manage poverty why not development? Sources for millennials Happy 2015 dialogues of pih on 1 Ebola 2 how to leverage technology to radically engage patients on health care; UN is 2015 year of all change to sustainability goals... support
Even as the 1960s moon race inspired the world, we need to understand how unequal the opporttunity to innovate had been - even in the 1960s as many as half the world's people had no access to electricity grids so they got their news of the moon race by word of mouth.

Consider 1000-1500- until the last few years of this period , the known world was Europe-Asia and NE Africa; #BR8 the med sea was the main world trade waterway; places facing this sea increasingly developed win-win trades; moreover #BR7 the west asian border to med sea was the start of an amazing overland relay of traders which stretched all the way to china (the silk road was the greatest overland world trade route ever and to sustain its interfacing markets required positive cross-cultural bridging all along its route. Silks and spices from the Chinese end acted like a positive currency- there was much demand for them whose value naturally went up the further they were merchanted back to Europe. Everyone gained for this trading route- you can read marco polo's diaries- perhaps nowhere invested more in artistic celebrations of being a major hub of positive trade than his hometown venice in europe and the town he was asked to govern for 2 years in china Hangzhou which marco described as the great town of markets in the world.)

What happened towards 1500 that 2 long shipping routes were discovered by north europeans- the new world of the ameriucas to the west (#BR6 N, #BR10 what we now call Latin America), and a way of reaching the @BR2 South Asian coastal Belt (starting with the indian subcontinent) by sailing around africa. A ship captain couldnt affird such a long return voyage unless he goit what trade he wanted- soon this big ships were equipped with gun power and crews were pressganged or even enslaved. Next in the process was colonising. So it was that nations became big by pludering economies of other peoples places. Back in 1500 places economic size was corelated with population. Soon Britain grew at the expense particularly of the Indian subcontiuent. Mainly Britain and France colonised Africa too, Spain andPotrtugal colonised Latin America. North America was settled by a mixyure of Europeans whose declaration of Indendence in 1776 ended any attempt by Britain to colonise America, But we should note that the USA was built on a sort of internal colonisation - natives had theor places taken over and slaves were used to do most of the hard labour. In effect the old war's colonial ways casued the 2 world wars of the fkirst half of the 20th C. From 1946 most of the world's countries regained their independence but starting from (mainly undeveloped states - poverty that the colonia era had gtraped them in).

Ironically whule the UDA came to tghe resuce of the old workld and from 1946 helped relaunch the two biggest losers of world war 2 Germsny and Japan, american (not withstandiong thair family trees origins) had previously had little modern of knowledge of Eurasia but were pulled into peacekeeping and the cold war with russia through the sceond half of the 20th C. Whilst there was some understanding of the extraoerdinary progress japanese enginers made with electornics, civil and other enginnering, the rise and rise of the east and the often difficult bodrers that had been caused by British and Jpoanese colonisation of the region are not deeply studied by most Americans or their media. It should be the best news the world has ever seen that the fifth of the world in chjna tghat closed itself to the world for more than a centiry after Brfits has offered opium as a gtrading currency in 1860 is now as entrepreneurial as anywhere. With over half of tghe world's ;people facikng either the sout asia or east asia coastal belts, the opportunity the east is cfreating to win0pwin gtrade oin line with moore's ever increasing technology should make sustainable youth worlwdie the gfreatesty positive curency-invetsment the human race has ever mapped. But this is not how USA or the block of coungtriues ruled by the Euro have marketed transapfrently. Instead we are caught in the Keynsian crisis of economist not valuing the hippocratic oathes he had published as tghe final chapter of the ngeneral throy of employment money and interest. The 2020s are likely to make the system designs our tech spreads irreversible- will the end game be big brother extinction or little sister sustainability?

Friday, April 28, 2017

Dear Ian (London) and Ed (Manhattan), friends -last call to connect girl empowerment bangladesh , china mao-women hold up half the sky but not yet gordon browns 30 national leaders of greatest #learningeneration   nor any youth jim kim directly inspires


Ian -ED ( rachel and World Possible )  has one urgent question that needs addressing to gordon brown secretariat entrepreneurialrevolution.avi

Ian in london, who attended this remembrance of scottish school  at The Economist Boardroom  and whose....


Editors at The Economist discuss entrepreneurial revolution and why Norman Macrae supported Bangladeshi Microfin...
 life work has been at board level for tech brands such as hewlett packard and what used to be called the british computer society) is the senior british participant of world class brands a club my father (when he retried from 40 years at The Economist 1989) and I formed when he retired in 1989 for media professsionals who wanted the power of media to multiply goodwill not badwill around the world. Recently Ian has been co-mentoring amy's teams of chinese youth and the futures of education and wizard technologies they seek- amy is probably the only chinese youth to attend the launch of the education commission live UN 18 september 2015.

Ian's close professional; friends work eg for price charles on his "Goal 11" community building charities and the media side the UN's project everyone

Ed has been connected with catholic relief services in sudan and neighbouring african countries since 1972. He is now rachel/intel world possible mediator with rachel being the worldwide channel concerned with how tech can distribute open learning (eg khan academy and anything that is totally open to dashboard anyway teachers wish) to extreme rural disadvantaged areas of africa...

An urgent issue is ed needs to get in contact with the secretariat of gordon brown about attendance at a kenya summit in May that his education commission networks are convening. Ed's partners have arguably done more in kenya on edgy solutions to grassroots education than anyone but as yet there is no knowledge of ed's networks at the education commission. In some ways Browns landing in kenya of the whole education commission is accidental

- since the launch of the education commission last sept 2016 at un by 30 national leaders wanting to unite the greatest #learning generation - funding of various african countries- linking tanzania malawi and uganda has taken off most. This was not the top agenda the commission had made its name round- ie without transformation half of all youth everywhere will be unemployable by 2030!

 Meanwhile un goal 11 sustainable youth communities is headquartered in kenya around unhabitat. We were briefed at ford foundation last month during un womens week that kenya is now their benchmark case for innovation africa. This is more at the level of tech hubs, mpesa impact on entrepreneurs than inside schooling itself though both ought to be related

Ian although the education commission positioned itself as headquartered in new york last september its new york office has "disappeared"- several attempts to ask where its location or even one live telephone link have so far been "repelled" with feigned igorance. I think the simplest question is does anyone know how someone like ed can make a live call to gordon browns secretariat

I have included on this mail
leonora whose satellilte learning experiments in africa for million dollar teachers prize network is amazing

stavros - WISE (that has progressed in co-creativity with beijing and madrid in every way that edu commission has narrowed over last 12 months) alongside the other uae summit (million dollars teachers prize) now the world's most positive for youth education summit out of qatar was founded round choosing sir fazle abed as first education laureate- novembers biannual WISE Qatar summit will be the biggest yet as it connects the first college class to be impacted by the dynamics of the world being led by trump and jinping but fortunately the g20 summer 2018 being hosted out of pope francis home nation argentina- its francican preferential option poor system design that the values of bangladesh girl empowerment was built on and all of jim kims practice last mile health networks was built on- its impossible to see how any social justice city can linkin deepest girls and youth empowerment without living this value system; apparently muhammad yunsi got the nobel prize for branding this news of impossible becomes possible 

Peter Ryan - his the london and boston based doyen of real microcredit in malawi, and since 2008 kept youth researcher of microecredit that my father sponsored originally out of britain sane. By this time almost everything elite college professors taught on microcredit was PR not valid for the urgent innovation challenges that microcredit was battling as the height of big bad banking and  mobile tech requited a complete revolution
to the previous grassroots movements- few have survived the transition in ownership tact with the massive exception of brac - most have been IPO'd or government regulated. This has has a most sad effect in kenya which had been the home of the slumdog millionaire youth microcerdit in the slums jamii bora which has now been integrated into kenya's ordinary banking systems. Back in 2010 queen sofia the biggest 15 year patron of microecreditsummit with hillary clinton has personally asked that jamii bora be benchmarked in 50 slum cities mostly latin- this was never done in spite of queen sofia asking that 18 months of research be done on this before she personally guest hosted dale-harris last global microcreditsummit in spain. Peter was a delegate knows much more than I on the ups and downs of Africa's ultra poverty solution networks. By this time Sir Fazle Abed at BRAC was kindly honoring my father with a remembrance party. The 3 hour dialogue at the japanese embassy in 2012 discussed how tech wizards were needed to make the largest cashless bank of IR3 technology (ie universal trext mobile) and clarified why it was a pity as early as 1997 that microcreditsummiut hadnt been called microoeducation or microtechsummit. This way it would have avoided being ever more sponsored by big bad banking (eg citibank jp morgan )  JP Morgan Listens to Lessons from Kenya Microcredit Jamii Bora

JP Morgan Listens to Lessons from Kenya Microcredit Jamii Bora

Microcredit offers the safest banks in the world. In the last decade, microcredit has reached 100 million of the...

and in fact yunus had since 1996 become the first to test with global partners with mobile phones could empower. Ed was a founding investor in grameen phone though at a suitable time he transferred to investing in brac's internet technologies. There is some good news- brac and khan academy have finally found each others Tens of thousands of khan academy content laptops are now linking in brac's primary schooling system - the backbone of village girls education

Alibaba Group Founder and Commissioner, Jack Ma, Shares His Thoughts on the...

Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba Group and an Education Commission Commissioner, shares his thoughts on why L-Q is mo...

 and ed (being a founding investor in grameen phone 1996 and later brac internet) knows far more than anyone i have met in west on the tech revolutions in bangladesh (mainly resourced out of MIT by the quadir brothers and with uae legatum and the middle east toyota franchise abdul latif) and around girl empowerments number 1 hero sir fazle abed (yunus and sir fazle being leaders dad's legacy   have arranged for youth to interview about 30 times mostly yunus). Needless to say Ian Brexit can be absolutely disastrous unless leadership in london gets 4 things about the english langiages contributions to wjether youth will be sustainable or orwellian big brotherdom is to be our endgame:

english as second language is still china's number 1 missing curriculum (more is published in english and its just about the main language of computer coding) - as amy was first to demonstrate it can be power toopeer taught at 10 times less cost in any social justice supercity that chinese youth exchange with

brac which is by order of magnitude the major success of british aid (and keynsian economics applied to end poverty in last 50 years) is pivotal to the 16 goals deepest curriculum of girl power and achieving sustainability  (goal 17 isnt a curriculum it ought to be a transformation of valuing brand partnerships and blockchain platforms as the only trustworthy way for global aid to start up local everywhere)

we still have mass media mainly owned by the public

ironically BBC (Bangladesh Britain China) remains the tipping point triad of where sustainabilty will be our generation's endgame though the implosion of trust caused by trump and brexit may ultimately mean the east with half of the world to sustain gives up in trying to reciprocate sustainability opportunities with north west youth  ( the absurd thing is what egos of washington consensus in the west call competition with china is actually china going above nda beyond in trying to openly collaborate and aid western youth linkin sustainability action networks) 

What was unique about brac is that it scaled rural education at primary level before the government did and has therefore always been an influencer of the national syllabus in bangladesh. At fathers remembrance party sir fazle did reveal one polite quest- britsh aid had been his schools biggest billion dollar donor but due to the way millennial goals had been framed the last 15 years had provided ample funds for every child goes to primary but next to none for bridging jobs and secondary. How could brac help keep adolescent jobs needs represented in education. Brac solution has been to form girls clubs - ie spaces welcoming girls after school hours. Both peer to peer health and skills identification for girls has become a signature program of brac's wherever it reaches worldwide. It also started what has become of of bangladesh's top universities with special competences- eg its jim grant school of public health policy is world class- perhaps only hopkins has deeper reach. Its end famine through rice plant science goes right back to the 1970s as a collaboration with china- unfortunately chain's tech geniuses have yet to understand brac- this in spite of gordon brown and jim kim sending 80th birthday telegrams to sir fazle as their number 1 hero of education. Ironically the chinese ladies amy and yuxuan accompanied me to sir fazle's 80th birthday party and have been asked to keep youth best newsletters going between girls deepest village solutions in china and sir fazle's family

any errors in reporting are mine alone
urgent summit schedules these next 6 weeks

education commission summit nairobi

xi jinpings biggest beijing summit of year one belt one raod attended by jim kim and italian prime minister and whose italian networks in beijing have been nurtured by romano prodi

c100 annual summit on dc- for 30 years those 100 chinese americans have been mentored by kissinger on keeping goodwill flowing between china and usa- if there is any understanding between xi jinping and trump then the behind the scenes contributions by c100 are inestimable

the c100 and the education commission are lead connected by jack ma who brings his first us summit of how alibaba can help 1 million small enterprsies to detroit june 2017

#theeconomist #batech @obamauni - anyone like to open source 9 issues  - co-production yunus & adam smith scholars

Dear Friends,

Last week we took our call for an International Finance Facility for Education to the United Nations, World Bank, Center for Global Development, and others. Today we come to you with a summary of our engagement at the World Bank - IMF Spring Meetings, a Devex article featuring Commission Chair Gordon Brown and Commissioner Jakaya Kikwete on the steps we are taking to achieve the Learning Generation vision, and a blog by Commission Senior Advisor Edith Asibey on how numbers matter to keep our promise to children. Please join us to turn messages into action. Together, we can achieve the #LearningGeneration. 

The Education Commission Team

At the 2017 Spring Meetings, a vision to finance the Learning Generation

Commission Directors Liesbet Steer and Justin W. van Fleet reflect on the Spring Meetings and strides made toward building an international education financing architecture that is fit for purpose.

Gordon Brown: Global education is ‘the civil rights struggle of our time’ (Devex)

"Every child should be given the opportunity to develop their potential and bridge the gap between what they are and what they have it in them to become," Brown said. Read the article and find out how global cooperation can help.

“I want to be an engineer. I want to go back to rebuild my country.”

Financing education "is a numbers game, yet one that has direct consequences on children’s lives." Hear from Education Commission Senior Advisor Edith Asibey on what we need to do to keep our pledge to children. 

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Subject: An important step ahead for global education

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