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Thursday, April 13, 2017

email me if any of you are interested enough to want me to try and get prince charles to do the necessary connecting behind the scenes- he ,likes culture and at tokyos last olympics his dialogue with sony morita bridged japan and britain and in those pre-brexit days europe

 as peter can tell you in london the royal society of the arts is the one that all sustainable professional societies are supposed to honor- the fact that america doesnt value culture in the same way makes it very hard for the rest of us english-language speaking folk to understand what any of your last 4 presidents really are united by culturally

however recently  i feel understand 2 hours of conversation with kiehl on this- and i am sure baltimore would happily open cultural spaces every day as the alternative constitutional capital of social justice since 1881- though of course baltimore citizens dont need me to ask for your urgent support in this

 GOAL11 - but to tell you truth i dont understand why intergenerational architecture and culture and conscious competitions were never run together around the UN - not many of us can talk to top ranked architects every day- again its a specialised big money/banked professions unless you celebrate it with all the social arts

 and unless george soros is an investor in culture as a worldwide resource  it could be this movement is too big a transformation because it needs co-branding strategy that only about 3 creative people in the world have ever practised

best chris

meanwhile over in open space beijong next week,   i think for china friends let alone belief that sanity still presides over washington dc: north korea is a tad more urgent for youth if anyone can help

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