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Friday, April 7, 2017


it seems that the unsustainable economy is driven by big enterprises
closed systems (ie owned by someone to profit from everyone)
(not transparency) local and global social contract ledgers where professional middlemen take more and more
(and of course bad media designed to addict us to their views as if there is no other world to be built by families and community up)

the only sustainable economy -the one we need to teach everyone we connect 

1 thrives round small enterprises (markets free to the smallest)
2 open standards of connecting and apping
3 (transparency) local and global social contract ledgers with no middlemen

whats fun is this is now being reviewed annually by g20 working groups thats why we need to get something similar on 2 and 3 into the same discussion- and if thats not done in time for g20 argentina it probably will never get done so that world trade is for  and by all peoples- there are 2 groups in columbia uni that could really help with this - thsoe inspired by george soros and those inspired by edmund phelps- i expect that amy's friend ying lowrey at tsinghua knows how to contact both (or do we already in new york)

3 may be the missing slides on blockchain - or is it more than that?

2 is the one that i think we need  to popularise with the right examples

the www is mainly open while kept net neutral
linux in mainly open microsoft closed
what is the cloud?

languages englkish chiense ... are open but their cost to aquire as second langiuages isnt marketed openly

the great leapfrogs for humanity  are either open or owned for everyone including the poorest

eg mpesa or bkask

arguably alipay not paypal and definitely not visa

it may turn out that owns a universal id is critical - see eg :
india's universal id-India's proposal to give every citizen a cash transfer using the digital platform Aadhar could reduce absolute poverty from 22 percent to 0.5 percent. For a country that is home to a third of the world's poor, could Universal Basic Income (UBI) fundamentally change the picture of poverty, health and well-being in India and the world?

rachel's open learning curricula are open 
but education is destroying youth livelihoods because national certification standards are closed monopolies and there are vested interests that dont want to redesign syllabus around direct links to open training modules

Baltimore's and China's and Francis'  GOODnomics    The English suffix -nomics is derived from the Greek νόμος nomos, meaning "law." 
is it clear what i am trying to describe 
it could be the difference between economics designed for everyone, and the big brother endgame of for ever being locked into bad economics

I assume that the simplest sets of slides on the above defines who  the investment partners we need in supercities and villages

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