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Friday, April 7, 2017

My father Norman Macrae was The Economist's Keynsian and optimistic rationalist  online library of norman macrae--

He believed in his 1977 survey that China's youth needed to be celebrated for linking global millennials

My fifth visit to  Beijing april 17 to 22; I want to make a start in finding 100 chinese student journalists who are happy to keep exploring the story that the xi-trump meeting starts the greatest series of meetings humanity will ever see- 

anyone who spends time reading all the ideas of chinas g20 can find many stories on why sustainability needs this; american media will never take the lead in telling this story;  my friends can help find ways to make movements out of any hopeful stories- i am told by Brookings Cheng Li that president Xi Jinping wants another pivotal meeting with Pope Francis - we are already well connected with youth from Vatican University

i wonder: would you have time for a meeting and/or if you can introduce a few students who would like to brainstorm this
this idea can bee seen to be a second generation of kissinger's  Committee of 100

sincerely chris macrae
bethesda md 240 316 8157 

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