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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

could we short cut politics of different place leaders having own goals

storytelling recommendation

make a small catalogue of short youtubes from chinese ladies who love baltimore but are sad you are never first to be hi-level represented in beijing supercity summits like jinping biggest of the year may 14 beijing which jim kim is just about the only"american" at

you choose which videos you show to whom (rachel is very portable ; king knows how to edit it)

its necessary to explain these are just concepts youth can chat about (and eg play on rachel) - if a place leader likes the story a proper video with copyright permissions will need to be made

so attached is a rough guide story about maglev -if baltimore is know by chinese and global youth for celebrating this story better than anywhere on east coast you can have any chinese investor you choose, but there may be a drawback - trump wil start buying up all your golfcourses!

as far as chinese ladies (amys and scarlett team , peking university global leadership stidents etc) know baltimore is only place in america taking maglev and so xi jinping one belt forum being his greatest gift to humanity seriously. of course jim kim or our regions leaders may know if there is anywhere else- in which case lets baltimore twin with them in celebrating girls empowerment with one belt
thanks chris  240 316 8157

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