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Sunday, May 28, 2017

from BRICS to RIC

When economic consultants celebrated BRICS - they couldnt really lose in identifying the 2 largest nations in populace and the largest resourced  geographically but one has to ask
will south africa rise again after zuma
and will Brazil politicians ever live up to its peoples and natural resources

worth watching is china's approach - will it give brazil and south africa a relatively cold shoulder? in racing to new transparency levels inside china can one affird a special triading relationship with B and S

put another way : some of the best news for the world in 2018 could evolve from China helping bring transparency to India and Russia- both pretty complex neighbours but critical to its Belt Roads- 

maybe argentina and chile are better transparent investment bases in south america, and kenya, ethiopia more urgent in africa especially as with china they may be able to help egypt- where exactly could south africa help with kits potentially brilliant innovation hubs if south africa gets back on track worthy of mandel/

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