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Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

hello i will be in beijing staying near the universities between 11 and 16 may;  i would welcome tea or coffee with anyone in thinkinchina who may be thinking about one belt one road partnership maps - whether these are italy-prodi inspired or somewhere else

i am happy to donate 500 us dollars to thinkinchina if you think it is possible to start to develop a catalogue of which your members is interested in connecting which countries with which one belt projects

I realise that is only a small amount - over 10 yeras now our family foundation does similar things with under 30s networks in about 20 cities (rome and vatican city being the 2 I help maurice build in italy) ultimately because i hope there will be collaboration around youth in the form of developing their own peer to peer education curriculum on one road -one space to do that i recommend is WISE@beijing

 if anyone is interested in meeting me please suggest times and locations somewhere at or near the bridge cafe

all the best chris macrae baltimore washington dc usa the world record book of job creation thanks and amychina searching for top 25 world record job creation alumni networks

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