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Friday, June 9, 2017

dear camilo/rodrigo/friends
i am attending next weekends 2 day summit of the asian infrastructure investment bank in korea

this gives me the chance with my reporting hat on to get information on the 13 biggest worldwide ***infrastructure investments chinese partners have made in their first full year of banking - this is one of main development banks of belt road forum which 29 national leaders and jim kim and head of UN have called global 2.0 designed so big data small analysis supports sustainability /smes out of ever community ( which amy and i observed ion beijing 14.15 may)

**** excellent paper on first 9 investments ; if i understand correctly this bank's regional focus is the east-west eurasian trading route but it has 85 country members many of whom are there to learn how they could choose similar projects in their region -argentina and chile are leading south american open spacing of that ( partly because they have long trust histories with china)

camilo-rodrigo -if i meet people who ask me what's my banking expertise - can i say none but i report back to you at imperative fund where relevant

i dont know if you have a hi-level friend in argentina- china is relying on argentina and chile to land all of globalisation 2.0 in buenos aires summer 2018 when argentina hosts g20- its wants to maximise flows from franciscans - cf maurice's youth networks vatican university 

what I really want to do is say that education is the missing piece -- in other words youth need asian infrastructure education investment banking- at the moment three biggest education summits dont talk to the infrastructure summits- and gordon brown's education commission is making this worse

i think the cure to that is to develop a mooc on belt infrastructure investments with youth reporting cases out of the 11 main belt regions (south america being one) or as locally as they like within that region

the slide attached show some initial ideas
and a collage of everything that needs to be mapped together instead of being silos from top down is emerging at

it turns out that jeffrey sachs out of columbia has now positioned himself at intersection of us inner city sdgoal 11 networks and global development ones and has this newish book

after korea i go to detroit for 3 days of training by jack ma at Gateway '17 

you may know that amy is starting at columbia u in august - much of this she explains much more simply from the viewpoint of chinese youth than ever i can but i do now have a lot of case data and when in beijing we know how to call on energies of concerned  students from the country's 2 top universities tsinghua and peking university

cheers chris
one of the world's best resources on the chinese collaborative approach to worldwide development is cgtn - here are some youtube libraries though i would love to know of other storied collections anyone finds
Belt Good News Media TW scoops global2.0 
Jinping : & UK Queen : By views; by ... 

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