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Friday, June 23, 2017

dear jayfus and jose and stefanos and fady and ab and stephanie

pls look at this 2 minute video -it perfectly captures what it was like for 3000 of us in detroit earlier this week2

i wonder if we get the same message out of it  - this can be the best that hi-=tech can do to connect local enterprises and youth everywhere but its in a race against opposite dynamics

in effect alibaba's market of half a million chinese consumers is bigger than anything that tv advertising has ever got to - so we have once chance to start up brands without all the .lies and expense of tv ads- and similarly ma aims to restore local arts music fashion heroes everywhere with tokyo and la olympics that his friends will be dominant sponsor for

what i see is need to survey different states governors - those who get need for big data small likely same as thoise who get climate likely those who want their peoples to maximise opportunities that jack ma is talking about

for some reason discussions in baltimore for a year have said we would assemble a list connecting cities or states but havent- so i am looking for advice on how to do this assuming that eg al hathaway isnt going to help until he sees we have to do it to progress tech opportunities

any ideas
ironically almost the whole of canada gets this as prime minister trudeau actually went to ma to ask him to sell canadian lobster and since the success of that canadians are everywhere helping ma= previously canada had been one of the leaders of forming the g20 - prior to which china as every way the nation that shapes the 21st c was excluded from talking to the old top 7 nations

if americans dont get connecting with this ;positively  in the next 2 years there is not much loss to china  but not much future for american youth


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