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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

As i mentioned one of my (friends) curent projects is to catalogue green service small enterprises that may be of interested to green big bang club - which aims to unite over 1000 governors of places with under 1 million people who want to share solutions on how to go carbon zero by 2030 - this was announced by the korean governor who hosted china's 2nd annual board of governors meeting of the asian infsastructure bank that emerged as one of the expert networks xi jinping has formed - in this case withy 80 member countries

if you feel able to write a shirt note on your company services with bookmark or contact point that you are happy for me to share that would be great

could i introduce amy she's be connecting chinese and english speaking student networks for loger than anyone i know- while her research and mine overlap she's often way ahead as i cant search chinese- the second time she came over to the states coincided with un launch of sustainability goals in 2015 - therefore she has been able to track both american and chiense connectiosn of these from the outset

in my view china is leading where the world needs to go because its leaders know that most of its half a billion under 30s need jobs connected with sustainability and the sorts of thing jack ma talks about - but better than that almost all young cheinse livelihoods will be win-win with global youth sustainability solutions

if you have any ideas on connections or knowledge we can help each other build please discuss with amy or me any time

Yinyin - regarding countries publishing their climate goals - i am still looking for one best source but some examples are here   France Submits Long-Term National Climate Plan to UNFCCC  the fact that nations are publishing what they are prepared to do on climate was one of the major discussions between the 80 nations bankers who attended the AIIB . I exchanged business cards with the shanghai corporate accountant who publishes the annual report for aiib and made quite a lot of good connections. I will report back if they elad somewhere practical

i would love to be be sent any news on ma's hupan university in hangzhou  - here is some brief notes i made so far  

Hupan University was started in Hangzhou by Jack Ma with other leading entrepreneurs including Shanghai's founder of Fosun. since launching this university, Jack has become chair of China Entrepreneur Club, hosted the first 1000 person philanthropy summit at ali baba campus, Hangzhou hosted China's G20 andSME collaboration  the EWTP Electronic World Trade Platform for small enterprises

Amy's home city Changsha  is where china's leading green building entrepreneur lives  Zhang Yue- one of sustainability's top 10 job creators

Because of trump's withdrawal from climate the good news is that bloomberg is assembling a list of place governors who will commit to climate - i will be trying to get friends to ratify whether detrtoit's governor is one of these as well as seeing if a leading green governor will approach jack ma to stage gateway2018 - of course anyone who with better ideas on how to do this -please just do it

health networks are one of the areas i do a lot of research on -please say if you would like a mail on that


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