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Thursday, June 22, 2017

I was in Korea last weekend at the 2nd  annual summit led by china on how to change investment banking partnerships round long term place goals such as green and infrastructure

AIIB second annual meeting in South Korea kicks off to seek ‘sustainable development’

  • 6 days ago
The second annual meeting of the China-initiated Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) kicked off on Friday in South Korea's ...
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The governor of the place in korea chosen to host this years summit launched green big bang club- he aims to link together 2500 governors of places of about half a million people who commit to race to having zero carbon footprint by 2030 - and in the process trade solution with each other - and of course become chinese leadership best friend 

I mades sure that i asked the gopvernor a question from the floor on how cpould worldwide ypouth mopvementshelped and he responded that he is redesigning schools and colege curicula so that would be one way

What i need to do is sned him a leter saying I have friends who in principal would actrively support conncting this club together- so sam can i say emerald planet would in principle want to help

there are many other dynamics what is effectively the most conscious investment network (80 countries) and their delegations to it and fortunately 2 brits one of whom my father helped a lot when he was younger are among the top 10 coordinators of this the other 8 of whom are mainly chinese)

i would also welcome some advice- is there anyone in the tristate area at governor sort of level who is mad about making one region of half a million people as green as possible. If e could reach out to that persoin we could then conect with blooomberhs green governor network and this make sure that america is in fact a leader not a laggard of green- something which jack ma's partners in america would be very happy to hear abouit


other interesting speeches i have seen live this week

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