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Thursday, June 1, 2017

& follow through these connections if possible

0 check have chile embassy as well as franciscans (at italy embassy) been invited?-
 reason for checking  before michelle bachelet became china's number 1 south american national lead partner in belt road etc, she founded unwomen and the partnership process of unfoundation with a billion dollar grant from Ted Turner the founder of CNN whose family with jimmy carter wants to end sex slaves too -

1 because of time it takes to get a visa i cant get to this thinkinchina but its on the deepest girls empowerment topic of 10 years of research in bangladesh - scarlett so i can start applying for a visa- can you find out this week (ie friday your time) whether i can meet martina and huang... either at end of next week or early the week  after to make sure all of the following connections are made as much as they want- meanwhile can you get involved with tuesday including the owner of the bridge cafe space (lilly)?

2 scarlett good this is the last event of the year - if you feel able to network with students - and of course lilly (owner of the space) martina (peking university host of the greatest monthly event students are asked to connect) and her organising student leader huang 

3 if you can find out from martina how to start a mailing list with those most interested then ---out of bangladesh and across the un and world bank we have spent a decade researching the most connected people trying to solve this one

3a mostofa can explain eg bangladesh connections - and if one can identify who is the number 1 mentor of students on this i expect we can introduce naila who represents un on this issue in various capacities- if we can find out who in peking and tsingua university mentors the most students on this we can ask them do they want to send a student to bangladesh where both path international and brac lead the world on this as amy and yuxuan know- and have already been briefed by parveen's niece tania

4 in ,london ian knows which are prince charles main networks on this sort of thing

5 please talk directly to huang who we met twice with martina at peking university since she made it very clear to me that rights is her field

6 if martina does want vatican youth to know what her china teams are interested in this sis perfect time to make sure she's introduced to maurice- as he's trying to make sure with romano prodis office in bologna that the development values of pope francis connect everywhere, especially through the next class year which can present things at the g20 argentina the pope's home country

7 we know xi jinping wants this connection maximised - and franciscans were the first to clarify the latin model that jim kim and paul farmer used throughout his life as practitioner of health before taking on world bank

8 prita and emmanuel are interested in connecting this with - a 15 million person movement out of kerala india that is regarded by the UN as one of its main partners in end poverty- since india is te next g20 after argentina getting everyone linked in now makes all of this much more than the sum of its parts - ab is wikipedia's editor of herstory and goal to get up to 50% of wikipedia contributors being female - a project launched by UNWOMEN 

8a hopefully others can add in extra connections i havent mentioned yet

9 as china's g20 jinpings wife formed a first ladies network around these sorts of issues- i assume this network will grow and grow through every g20 in line with the nationa value that women hold up half the sky (this work is also supposed to be what michelle obama wants to do with rest of her life in an educational format)

10 back in baltimore we work with the original girls social justice movement in usa since 1881 and connect across all cities where people champion this issue - what girl empowerment policies trump doesnt understand yet baltimore leads out of usa and would like to find way to  change trumps behaviours on before his chinese state visit

11 fortunately the one and half year (since goals launched at UN) briefing by unhabitat the owner of goal 11 sustainable city/community at ford foundation 2 months ago came us with the number 1 metric of sustainable place is whether adolescent girls report it is safe: so wherever china's belts connect cities this is a survey that needs to be tracked- unhabitat is a complex network with head in 3 places kenya, vancouver and new york - 20 years agop muhammad yunus formed the first girls green solar network (while i have met him 30 times in helping develop the journal of social business i find his daughter monica yunus in new york the simplest to connect with)    - fortunately all 3 teamleader heads of unhabitat  were in the same room and i quizzed the from the floor about their learning curve and whether they were seriously making the future of unhabitat accountable to girls voices- there is a tape of their answer that can eg be shown at any rachel cafe

thanks chris 

Think about China
from within China
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ThinkIN China

Season Finale

Dear ThinkIN China friends
we are glad to announce the last event for this season:
Sweeping Away the Yellow
The Life and Fate of Chinese Sex Workers
Date:     June 5th, 2017
Time:    19.00
Venue:  The Bridge Cafe, Rm 8, Bldg 12, Chengfu lu, Beijing 

ZHANG Lijia 张丽佳, Writer, Journalist, and Public Commentator

Inspired by her grandmother’s story of being sold into prostitution at the age of fourteen, the Beijing-based writer Zhang Lijia decided to take a closer look at the dynamics driving China’s fastest-growing industry – sex trade.
According to Zhang’s research, over ten million women are involved in sex trade, the high majority of which are rural migrant workers, uneducated and unskilled, who move to coastal areas seeking a better life but find themselves with limited employment choices. These workers are pulled into the sex industry with the promise of higher income opportunities and lighter working shifts; compared to the alternative of working in a factory, the offer is too appealing to turn down. Zhang’s work in this field led her to write her first novel, Lotus, which was published earlier this year.
During the talk she will share the insights she gained after interviewing sex workers in Shenzhen and Beijing. Her talk will focus on the reasons girls’ decide to enter this market; the growing gender inequality and rural-urban divide that affects post-reform China; the role of prostitution in the business landscape; and the increasingly harsh government’s campaigns of saohuang 扫黄.
Check on YouTube the short presentation of Lotus made by Zhang Lijia.

Join us for a new exciting night of discussion and networking at the Bridge Cafe in Wudaokou!

Advanced registration is not required for this event, but please do come in advance in order to get a seat.

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

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