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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

my work on the biggest concepts global brand partners market - so yes i too conclude one needs to understand individual decision makers motivations and play a game of snap- who else are they win-win with

regarding sporting fashions
lee is inventor of etextiles- under armor wants to be a big brand in sporting apparel- tech genii jose in ny and jayfus in baltimore want to help lee; 
 jack ma wants to empower village girls to create fashions;  China’s Newest Entrepreneurs are Cyber Celebrities - Alizila

leonsis owner of 2 dc sporting franchises wants his big stars to give back to baltimore; ali baba is now the chief sponsor of the olympics; if japan and china are ever to co-lead prosperity around the world's youth then connecting what china is already partnering with what the olympics can do is critical; the ceo of the special olympics is more connected with love quotient educators than even jack ma is  Alibaba Group Founder and Commissioner, Jack Ma, Shares His Thoughts on the #LearningGeneration  -and he's sitting their in dc wondering how to maximise connections with tokyo olympics ; kiehl is happy to bring flourishing music cultures to baltimore; monica yunus does the same - her father has been trying to change heroes olympics celebrates ever since i first met him in 2008; the first person i gave his book to was the then head of JICA in usa; the japan embassy in dhala has been extremely kind in hosting debates on why bangladesh girls empowerment solutions matter- if sir fazle's abed of bracs skills are not linked in to education summits, girls will never get equal education opportunity and so sustainability will be lost

it ought to have been possible for a space in baltimore to be linking in this debate alongside the other tech and arts spaces being sponsored on a square mile walk to the future of youth imaginations


regarding society heads - the c100 model needed  to branch to a pan-asian asian 100 model if japan and china were to start win-wining; the way abe finally said was timely yesterday 
The Belt and Road Initiative can be the "experimental field" for mutually beneficial cooperation and development between China ... 

japan-side it depends on we know with authority to represent japan or tokyo

can we get to tokyo is governor who is part of the education commission
-do you know someone at hi level in tokyo universuity - a space where students were dying to join in global exchanges when i visited
can we find someone who remembers why my father was awarded the emperors gold medal for making japanese global trade win-win; 

all over the world youth need win-win trade  movements- my 6 visits to china show that media, students leaders get that ; in america none of those decision makers get it or are free to learn it - hence the need for something like the baltimore collaboration zone which lets american students see what the east is up to in terms of job creation

as for which asian society members get this i dont know but its a pity if nobody wants to learn from the c100 movement animates such clear examples out of new york  

best chris

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