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Thursday, June 15, 2017

today we started this LAN- 

from march 2016 when i fitst met justin i recommended anyone who could to put un september 2016 launch of education commission by justoin and 30 national leaders (scot gordon brown and wordlwide jim kim jack ma being 3 who pop up most anywhere i search)  in your diaries - i am aware that amy john miko stephanies peter did
here's message i shared with him
if you in to list wish to be involved I need ypu to share an active linkin address with me
best chris

 dear  justin i am committed to spending rest of my life helping  a few opinion leaders and any under 30s people concerned with education system is  broken, without change it will destroy most youth livelihoods at the same time as losing cooperation hope around other sustainability goals. i help sir fazle wherever we find ways to help him. 

Ed Resor  in new york first invested in grameen and then brac digital over 20 years ago- today his partners search how and what truly open learning is used particularly in eg kenya; 

amy for 3 years now while young her boundless energy connects all chinese youth concerned with the half billion livelihoods of their under 30s especially girls.She therefore cares about eg sir fazle's familys future even more than I do. For 2017-2018 she will be at columbia university (where jeffrey sachs edits unesco annual update of goal 4 reports) and well placed to connect education projects to be mediated through next class year arriving at 2018 franciscan g20 summit argentina- both sir fazle and jim kim build everything they do round latin values particularly those that emerged in 1960s s.america, and jinpings brookings biographer says that one of xi's top 5 diary issues is to find the right way to meet pope francis. 

Justin Tell us if there is a way to meet or chat with those you connect round change. 
A) As well as every chinese proposal to connect investors with un goals in actionable maps such as one belt forum, 
B) one of the youth groups we specialise in is english and chinese language speakers. Both want 2nd language learning to be more affordable and ubiquitous. Given brexit and trump english speaking youth are being marginalised from much trade- i am trying to find the right leaders (?gordon bown, ?prince charles) to demand an e4 summit   on this between usa uk japan and china. 
C) MISSING CURRICULA - Mapping One Belt Forum (over 40 national leaders and head of UN's global 2.0)  is one of the most urgent geo-current affairs missing curricula from 5th graders up. Today i am in korea at annual meeting of asian infrastructure bank; next week in detroit  at jack ma's training of first 1000 americans helping buld 1 million ecommerce sme jobs for americans. 

D EDU SUMMITS VALUING YOUTH I am very concerned because i love the wise summit and everywhere it has connected but the future of qatar is currenly uncertain. All of these geo-social valuation risks  are beyond what any person like me can do - good luck to all of us and if there any actions we could be talking please tell us . 

E) BROKEN MASS & DIGITAL MEDIA For 20 years now ian ryder and friends have been tackling some of the worst western mass media (eg the BBC) problems that local to global social contracts  are being drowned by. We search eg blockchain tech wizards supercity by supercity as a resource sustainable youth and teachers will desperately need to linkin. 

I believe that jack ma taking over olympics from coke is a signature moment and also explains why we now the next 3 olympics ar at tokyo LA and Paris. Youth Arts networks that my friend monica yunus  has been building since 9/11 can help jack in that area of community-spreading happiness.  In DC the ehad of te special olypics will be a great partner in this as he has help found 25 yeras of american academic research in emotional learning.

Contacting th edu commission is problematical -  you are still sending massive mails from a manhattan address that you left several months ago.  chris macrae Which Capitals Countries are sustainabilty investing children & greatest #learninggeneration  washington dc 240 316 8157

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