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Monday, July 3, 2017

congratulations on placing your 600th painted piano and year round support in ny's poorest hospitals and community centers - a long and winding riad since 9/11 first inspired monica to netwirk this

i want to discuss whether we can despatch a painted piano to 4 places pivotal to china's 80 nations belt and road partnerships - so that ultimately we can plant  in every hemeisphere with chiense and franciscan as well as english speaking support- in these times when we dont know what gulf trump may create next,  youth artists sans frontieres are the most urgent antidote

1 vatican:: maurice international youth ambassador at vatican university can explain what we can do if we have one singforhope piano over there

2 buenos aires :: they are hosting the last great franciscan leaders summits of the 2010s - g20 argentina in july - so this is the student  class year to converge every solution influenced by eg paulo freire as originally monica's father muhamad yunus was

3 tokyo- because the 2020 olympics is intended to be the greatest bottom-up community stars celebration ever- - i know various people from tokyo working on that since my dad's only major recognition was from japans' emperor and jack ma is taking over sponsorship of the olympics so that it becomes everything it could never be under coke-

4 shanghai or hangzhou or beijing - ultimately this would depend where  we could find a wealthiest chiense sponsor from the 30 leaders club jack ma chairs wanting to bring back the arts to every youth community

i guess we also have a friend who would ;place a ;piano in windsor castle if you would like that too

i ask for the specific dates as that is why our chinese  girl  uber storyteller amy starts her postgraduate course at columbia with the likes of jeffrey sachs;;  and my friend camilo who structures walls street main latin america funds for ending poverty may have time to meet on the same day

chris macrae 240 316 8157

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