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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dear Ab
Wonderful that you are moderating more girls/youth movement at un on 16 august
Are there some bookmarks etc or other any way that amy and i can catch up on your work since you and i met at the un wikipedia event that stephanie first told me to attend

john kiehl knows all of you particularly amy- he shuttles between his alma mater mit and ny - owning music studios in both towns

if i recall correctly you grew up in indian villages - started journalising womens health were spotted by india and then mit media labs- are researching everything exciting for womens empowerment out of boston

in 2007 my father last youth journalism project sent about 20 young people to study muhammad yunus in bangladesh - this transferred to any womens empowerment village model we could find for a journal we tried to launch with adam smith scholars out of glasgow

in the process it became clear to me that only china will invites leaders and students  change the word of bottom up women empowerment with the technolgy and green goals in time

amy became the chinese student who has connected most news of china though now she wants to specialise out of columbia university for 2 years while i continue to develop beijing connections

it would be great if you and amy could meet or skype

regarding india versus china friendships (or war) i am aware of 3 urgent timelines
1 aiib 2018 - last month i attended aiib in korea - mumbai host 80 nations discussing banking next june - by then there will be lot more projects and first year of green big bang club

i know the top 2 brits connected with all of this network and accidentally have business card of the shanghai part of PWC that audits aiib

then in 2019 india host the g20 after argentina in 2018

amy has good relations with a guy in bangalore charged with finding all the coding wizards who may help connect ethiopia as epicentre of satellite learning- both of us also know a lady who  owns a conferenec centre in the nearest town to - amma has huge partnerships with UN on all nanotechnolgy academics

Ultimately it would be jolly good in my view if we could reduce degrees of separation around many of these influential people so that youth like you and amy could make most use of them -maybe kiehl or stephanie or others will have ideas; last time amy was up in boston fady showed her round; i first met him when were judging part of the mit100k- for many years he ran one of the students events newsletters while advancing his own deep knowhow in robotics

ed resor first knew the people who run the legatum lab at mit around 1996 when they started grameen phone with yunus; after rows with yunus they regrouped around sir fazle abed and built the biggest cashless bank with text mobile  - amy and mostofa try to understand what sir fazle would want next - things between china belt road to bangladesh, india and pakistan are now in absolutely critical stages = how can all 3 win with china is the only sensible question for an outsider like me to ask

naila and tania are huge advocates/connectors of girl empowerment out of bangladesh and i expect they know whether there are any possible ways to reconnect girls empowerment across all 3 countries; last night cgtn made one point extremely simple; the future of fashion sectors will turn on which nations have megaports because traders in megaports settle in each others countries and thats where trade moves in something as fast as fashions - there is now no way of stopping pakistan become huge supplier of garments - so this sector has suddenly become the one that may determine whether the whole subcontinent gets back together or remains accidentally petitioned- since my grandfather sir kenneth kemp wrote up the legalese of india's independence i would like to see mistakes of british empires boundaries finally resolved 

i understand there are some big conflicts all across the region though the basic solution of mobile leapfroging seems to me to work wherever girls are wholly empowered - i did attend a ford foundation event in mayon goal 11 where  unhabitat actually presented that girls voices on safety of a place were the key metric to all sustainability goals

there were several un people there who promised to come back to a 15 minute q&a conversation i started with them - if anyone wants the transcript of that i will try and make it

cheers chris
it turns out that by mapping where doyouth friendships link anything china is helping 80 national leaders redevelop one can go beyond the usual pr sponsors and find the true action projects help map 21st "friends" guide to #learninggeneration 

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