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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Michael Palin gets job creators vote as the last BBC tv presenter who is truly his own man. By which we mean he chooses only to present topics where the censors at the BBC will not come into play as he lets his curious mind explore the world with love and humor. This clipping of Palin celebrating being with the Russian navy at Vladivostok is priceless:
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Somehow MP got through both Russian and BBC censors at the denoument of his program full circle which visited neighboring cultures from north to south to north. Not even the open spaces linked in by Xi Jinpings amazingly gracious Belt Road explores with such grace travel through neighbors who have had high walls erected between each other but turn out to have such decent people inside. Communities made desperately lonely by failure to resolve historical conflicts which weren’t the peoples fault, but were the maddeni ng games of big bankers and big carbon.

Michael isn’t just a navigator of how any two peoples cultures could find there’s more common kindness aching to be released between generations than historical angst

He comes from what I dare call the amateur school of acting which is Cambridge footlights and which we Scots also celebrate annually as free arts festival of the Edinburgh Fringe

Cambridge’s brilliant pro-youth Economist W99 Maynard Keynes was a lover of the arts and a believer that however robotic society became there would always be huge amounts of work for artists to facilitate so that every community could thrive.

Cambridge Arts Theatre is a 666-seat theatre on Peas Hill and St Edward's Passage in central ... When only £2,300 was raised by subscription of the town, Dr Keynes underwrote the rest himself. Intending to represent both "town and gown", ...
Capacity: 666
Opened: 1 February 1936

 Cambridge Footlights remains that space in Cambridge University and Theatre where students active amusement grows round experimenting as stand up comics and performers of satirical sketches. Back in the student days of Palin, none of the famous footlighters as far as I know were expecting to go into a career in entertainment- they all had academic degrees to study but did so with an extrovert joy of youth which used to have some peculiar coinstraints in the old style male Cambridge Colleges. Moreover in Micheal’s student days Cambridge didn’t yet have a busineess school. Extraordinary innovatoions rthat had come out of Cambdige like the discovery of DNA were done as pure exploration to improve the human lot not as pure commercialism

Palin was part of the team whose 1960s renditions of Monty Python stood on a free spirited par with say the Beatles “imagine” of IF man and computer can race to the moon- why should there be any challenge that humanity will not be able to solve. In those 1960s, we (English-Speaking youth) were naive to believe that our race would never be confronted with any challenge to our societies sustainability other than ridding the world of nuclear superpower.

Back in 1984 my family argued, so far wrongly, that the BBC would be the jewel in the English speaking crown that would help the peoples mediate any conflict. Here you can see the list of timelines we were hoping the BBC asa world service owned by the peoples would open inter-generational space to but which it has so far failed to do

This isn’t Michael Palins fault. You can guage how the BBC gets censored by considering Tony Blair (or later the parliamentary inquest into Rupert Murdoch tabloid abuse in a mobile era) . Some of The BBC’s journalists had reasonable proof that Saddam didn’t have chemical weapons but Blair fancied being George Bush’s Little Big Brother, and so we went to war. What bothered me about this Iraq war is illustrated on the other side of the Atlantic at Geoirgetwon University where I was doing some volunteer work on media reality. Usually people are relatively free to enter Georgetown Campus. That day there was a pompous professor manning the gate – do not come in unless you believe in the war. I told him oh I am sure you will win your glorious war but I am scared your leader has no cultural plan on what to do as soon as he won the war. He looked as if he would pop out of his skin but by that time others were pushing through. The bullypit embedded in Georgetown and I survived to battle student freedoms for another day

I would love it if Micahel Plain could take back his own BBC footage and issue a youtube series on how the north south belt roads are as important to debate openly worldwide as te east west. More to the point his fans in Vladivostok would love to see a tunnel between the most extreme tip of north east asia and the nearly adjacent state of Alaska. That would be the day when small enterprises of the world’s most cold and land-locked peoples could get back to flowing free trade across all 4 hemispheres. If Americans truly are the free and the brave lets help the worldwide generation celbrate  building bridges and tunnels, no walls, and no more black&white holes in what is meant by the kind of social justice Baltimore girls stood up for in 1881 when their case law was the first to turn the 13th amendment end slavery into a local win-win (which became the social networks whose most famous 20th C alumni was Thurgood Marshall)

Michael has also had a pure green spirit. He selflessly chaired the Rural Geographical Society during the times when the great BBC naturye correspindent David Attenborough confessed his biggest mistake. Said David: being a broadcaster at the BBC is such a huge responsibility that I have never taken sides on an issue until I a sure its proven beyond all reasonable doubt. David was self-justifying why natures number 1 broadcaster in the English-speaking world had taken so long to come out on the side of the climate crisis. And there’s the mathematical rub- here is a pre-eminent naturalist saying in effect he only dared question something after its was exponentially breaching a tipping point towards collapse. How sad the BBC’s lack of freedom of speech has so far been when it faced critical tests of Truth’s Inconvenience.

Will English speaking peoples  ever regain the essence of world service that the BBC is so uniquely funded to be?

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