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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

On Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 22:57:01 GMT-4, John Price <> wrote:
Dear Chris,
It was a treat chatting with you yesterday.  Please do keep in touch.  You might enjoy reading our firm’s newsletter, Perspectiva, which showcases plenty of analysis of LatAm markets.

==== john i try to monitir cgtn good news for americas eg
John your case catalaloguing is wonderful - i hope its ok if i try and discuss with friends- my understanding is that 2017-2018 is china's priortity year for clarifying it partbnershio0s all across americas and with india

there's a critical mumbai summit june 2018 and the argentina g20 in july 2018- toronto played a big role in linking youth to china's g20 aug 2016- jack ma spent many months preparing this gamechaning contribution endorsed by xi jinping at g20 
and 30 business entrepreneurs he chairs   Community

I have started to develop an index of capital cites that are for or against the sort of world jack ma and xi jinping invite youth and investors to connect

To be frank if toronto is 90% for this future; my experience since 2007 is new york is 90% against; I am delighted to be proved over pessimistic;  before trump's visit to china. i want to have maximised new york feedback ; in this regard 2 aditional new yorkers who are questioning everyting and trying to understand whether columbia uni can be a transformation space are ed resor - how networks at www.worldposible.orgmap all uses of open learning like khan academy , and peter burgess who (like me) has 30 year experience of how global accountants (eg we both spent many tears at pkice waterhouse coopers) constructed numbers that expoentialy devalued local community sustainability

a shoutout to billy in stanford too- whilst retiring he's kindly explained to amy how 30 years of american-china youth friendships keep hope going between our 2 countries in spite of occasional disruptors like Donald Trump

also there are worldwide practice leaders - out of dc and florida i rely on bob frelings and neville williams  ground breaking knowledge of microsolar- like ed resor since 1996  they, mit coders, mimuhammad yunus and sir fazle abed have been maximising/mobilising girl empowerment solutions with bangladesh as the extreme partnership lab- i think we all wonder if jack ma's teams have as deep connections with sir fazle abed as girls will need if we are to help them with goal 1 extreme poverty challenges - this is where india as well as americas is so urgent 017-018

what a wonderful catalogue john price's networks offer - no wonder canadians asked him to chat with jack ma's frineds on monday


Here you’ll find a detailed look at how Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) applies its LatAm market intelligence, research and competitive intelligence expertise to help companies succeed in Latin America in a range of areas, including healthcare, payments (including digital wallets, m-commerce and e-commerce), logistics, natural resources/infrastructure (including LatAm mining), the Cuban market, Latin American consumers, and the industrial sector (including lubricants, refrigeration and more).

AMI also helps companies with market assessments and opportunity benchmarking in both all of Latin America and in specific markets, including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and more.



On Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 22:57:01 GMT-4, John Price <> wrote:

Dear Chris,

It was a treat chatting with you yesterday.  Please do keep in touch.  You might enjoy reading our firm’s newsletter, Perspectiva, which showcases plenty of analysis of LatAm markets.

Dear Camilo, Maurizio and Alzee, it is a pleasure to meet you via email.  If you have a moment to review our website (, then please let me know if it makes sense to follow up and I would be pleased to have a conversation by phone.

Best regards to you all,

John Price
T: +305.773.1141
Skype: john.william.price

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