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Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
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Friday, September 29, 2017

the g20 in argentina july 2018 is the only known world leaders summit on the continent of americas trusted by china at a time when the 19th party congress is quite likely to murmur that jinping needs more time on india korea and japan though we'll know after nov3-14 asian trip of Trump;

 how can we help unite all the good stuff to land @ aRGENTINA g20 using a similar process that E3 jack ma and E1 xi jinping used to unite all the good stuff at hangzhou g20 in 2016; fortunately my trip to jack ma's training of 3000 in toronto discovered canadians are already asking this question inspired by w4 justin trudeau and the fact that the president of ali baba that ma retained as after his IPO is canadian  - more on dialogue with world bank on prep g20 argentina at

2 at most recent meeting with ed on future revolution of open learning - the question of whether ashoka now massively helps with radical education experiments was raised; i hope this matches camilo's many years of choosing which latin american ashoka networkers help his projects most

3 there is one heck of  a lot  linking china and columbia university ; china (and the 80 delegations which i observed at annaul summit of ) know that 90% of wall street is trying to destroy every njew development banking network  + so its interesting that coluimbia is the one hi-trust open space in new york; can we discuss who's who in more detail

-more context relevant to sino-latin usa
amy and i did a heck of a lot of work interviewing dc and west coast latin american leaders and chinese students; it our view that outside new york the 3 investing people who can help each otther 2017-2018 urgently link china and americas south to youths happiest futures are:

\moreno in dc at IADB - he has the connections to take development bank forward and amy has enjoyed many of his demand solutions summits- moreno clarified that blum is the west coast student gateway he trusts most

blum+ in san francisco- he had enough money to open up his own development school at university of berkeley!; it hosts the only big data small tech wizard compoetition i have been able to find actually supported by a top ranked university system; it generated such star successes as give directly now employing over 50 analysts in manhattan (i guess)

and most of all daniel pierini  Daniel Pierini  world bank directir argentina 
Mr. Pierini holds a Master in In+ternational Trade, Universidad degli Studi di Roma III,  2004. In 1985, he graduated as  Public Accountant with a Specialization in Financial Management, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He took several hgh-level courses, including: Applied Mathematics and Rural Development, Universidad Gregoriana, Roma (2002); International Ne+gotiation, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Buenos Aires (1989); International Financial Management, School of Economics, +University of Buenos Aires (1989); Advanced Diplomatic Training Program, Foreign Service Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina (1++988-1989)
Honors an+d Merits
Comman+der, Order of Merit of the Italian Republic
Officer, +Order of Merit of Chile
Office++r, Order of the Southern Cross
Knig+ht, National Order of the Legion of Honor
Kn+ight, National Order of the Cedar

I would like to reaffirm that maurice as youth ambassad++or at vatican university, cheng and martina as trainers of peking university's italian friendships,  alvin as blessed by the pope to help out baltimore and naila also resident in baltimore blessed by being yunus grameen phone women empowerment director from 1996 to 2012 have youth constituency connections far deeper than i will ever know but where do we link them in on the ro+ad to g20 argentina give how quicly student years get filled up and examined on other stuff

best chris macrae WASHNGTON dc 240 316 8157
 sino-us publisher world record book of job creation

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