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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ira hefland is a doctor who helped co-found both organisations that won nobel prizes for non nuclear- when i spent a day with him in atlanta at an event led by people like ted turner/kathy calvin (un women and foundation and bcorps etc) and jimmy carter and in honor of franciscan rome's green and peace conference networks  , he showed latest research which suggested even a small nuclear war would cause so much havoc to poorest's safe food, water etc that we would lose 2 billion people as a consequence

i have no expertise in ira's areas but if you know someone who does, why not introduce him/her- at first impression i would say that he is a detailed -and quite modest - researcher not an entrepreneur but very trustworthy if you value his cause; of course the trouble is this cause attracts noisy activists not relentless  solvers - the two not being the same while we westerners live in a fake media world

for those who believe that worldwide health like decent local infrastructure can be a win-win strenghtening all economies, there's really not much next generation point specialising on particular diseases if we havent got the collective brainpower to start ending nuclear now; for educators  to have any other message to half the world under 30s is an example of extremely bad media and totally broken educational system (my family's area of expertise ) 

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Subject: Re: ira i see ican won nobel peace - do you all at physicians for ending nuclear know them;+i understand atlanta never did unite peace around youth entrepreneurs but are there any virtual nets where that continues


Sorry for the very late reply.  Yes, IPPNW our international phsyicians federation started ICAN and we continue to play a central role in ICAN sitting on the
executive committee for the group.  About to go on to a conference call to plan our acceptance speech in Oslo.


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Subject: ira i see ican won nobel peace - do you all at physicians for ending nuclear know them;+i understand atlanta never did unite peace around youth entrepreneurs but are there any virtual nets where that continues 

ican celebrated on china's tv

while writng would you by any chance know any medics or communities  most interested in autism - thorkil is the man creating million jobs around youth with autism

best chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157 

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