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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Would you or someone in your department have time for a meeting?

I am updating a book my father Norman Macrae first published at The Economist on sustainability of the net generation in 1984. We are turning it into a format in which student unions can co-blog around the search for world record jobs creators to be published in English and Chinese though I would love to find a French partner too. 10 years ago we helped adam smith scholars at Glasgow University and Muhammad Yunus publish 25000 copies of Journal of Social Business- French industry was his main partner in benchmarking global social purposes of different market sectors

My father believed in 1984 and we continue to argue that a entrepreneurial revolution in education is key to today's youth being the sustainability generation and the 21st century needing metrics that value growing people not just the industrial age's extraction and consuming things

I write now because of 2 movements that France is helping youth connect

First I was at the WISE education laureate summit in qatar a few weeks ago which concluded with the announcement of the next 3 summits being:
WISE@Accra may 2018
at the UN september 2018
WISE@Paris march 2019
The Summit's inaugural laureate was my father's friend Sir Fazle Abed of BRAC in Bangladesh around whom we have learnt the most about girls empowerment and deepest community challenges posed by sustainability goals 

Second there are a lot of win-win connections (both on education and collaborations in green innovations) between China's belt road maps (linking infrastructure, technology, green and new development banking) around the world. After visits to China in the last 2 years the optimism of what technology can do is extraordinary and appears to be a timely fit with President Macron's new directions for france and europe (including his recent leadership meetings in Africa and Qatar, and the hope that he and Justin Trudeau eg Gateway17  are building as thinking in English-language seems to have lost optimism) 

yours sincerely

Chris Macrae bethesda 240 316 8157
Norman Macrae Foundation - our 1984 vision of paradigm shift needed in education

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