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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

arctic and climate

here we colect live posts which time permitting we will tidy up at

9 march 2018 - at tufts artctic summit - discussion mediated with chiense students and frieds
dear YC- it was nice to briefly chat to you at lunch break during arctic summit and to quickly introduce you to max who coordinated the summit last year and whose co-founder ryan is still at tufts; i would happily come back any time to boston to see if we can connect friends of under 30s as the sustainability generation eg confucian institute? murrow media? other fletcher alumni ; mit etc

max and i live in washington dc; Belt Road Imagineer ( as a maths guy from the other cambridge in UK i try to collect data on at least 20 collaboration maps that chinese half a billion youth are connect with sustainability youth worldwide the BBCs  national geographic society's pristine seas and arctic broadcaster paul rose is one of my friends but he's quite hard to get 

so i hope you can stay connected with max and me

much of what i look at is how tech is changing education and livelihoods- thats one of the things people like china's jack ma are best at because they analyse big data and help communities use it; jack has said that from tokyo olympics 2020 he will spend most of his time on climate education and health markets- he is already putting 15 billion dollars into worldwide branches of damo academy-  currently alibaba helps him train what will be 750 million chinese middle class make smart decisions in consumer and small business markets

all the students you know at tufts are most welcome to contact me if i can help find something out; i would particularly like to connect asian clusters; i realise that historically both taiwan and japan have had conflicts with china but climate needs all intelligent youth to connect; also alibaba has historically been mainly funded by japan and taiwan so jack ma can sometimes connect things that even jinping cant; conversely i find that china's tsinghua university i the best public servant university in the world; i hope we can arrange a tour there later this year

in shanghai i know the auditor of asian infrastructure investment bank and i am interested in the headquarters of:
shanghai cooperation organisation where russia and china have been collaborating for many years (yiyi of you could ask your korean student co-host whom I quickly met yesterday that would be great as  i trust moon jae-in 100 times more than trump to mediate north korea)

and the hq of the new development bank which connects all the brics -brazil russia india china south africa

moreover mr fu of has a platform for connecting up to 20000 students and teachers live; i would love to see him share his technology with arctic or climate youth; the next urgent timeline for education chinese partnerships is the united nations general assemble where guterres has asked educators to show the best stuff they have to empower communities and youth; additionally un ga september is the best time to get the japanese starting class of 2018-2019 prepare tokyo g20

so i am looking for which students can connect their un delegations and join some of the people i already know who are based in new york or help max

please feel free to ask questions or share with any students; i am happy to be used to find out things -there are a lot of risks and enemies to the discussions yesterday as well as a lot of opportunities; i have worked most of my life in big ad agencies and big auditing companies because i am an MA in statistics; manually i can usually see things in big data that i am now only too happy if we can find friends of jack ma to do much better than i can

cheers chris macrae linkedin unwomens mob 240 316 8157  washington dc

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