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Monday, January 1, 2018

are hujiang 100 million students one of greatest education revolutions to date?

javeed you mentioned that you would be surveying indian funders etc who might be looking for revolutionary scaling partnerships

i believe hujiang is trailblazing online platforms in ways that i havent yet seen anywhere else; we can create tens of millions of more jobs with brac style microfranchises provided we find which people scale edutech .. we cant just wait to after summer 2020 when jack ma launches that; modi and jinping need this to help them unite round the china india bangladesh myanmar corridor

here is the short speech hujiang founder gave at wise

and here is a pr summary in which surprisingly I am quoted as loving hujiang

I am looking for some way that a group of us can get back to hujiang's founder in shanghai - I suspect he will become more and more in demand across wise summits

 Ideally i would like to arrange a visit in shanghai and make sure education becomes as pivotel to belt road summits as new development banking- i will be checking with a few of the chinese at wise in the new year to get their views but lets keep thinking about how we might collectively approach hujiang

Hujiang has over 100 million students either making courses like english more affordable on moving beyond standard exams to experiential learning particularly for village children

cheers chris

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